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Cover it up

Now that we have successfully peeled Oranges our focus moves on to (among other things) our next class at Tittensor - Saturday 22 November – when we will be devising and constructing useful sleeves and covers for all sorts of things.  So far Barbara has got a few samples put together and is starting to write the worksheet and Chris has put the requirements list up on the website.  And a few more fabric rations have been acquired in case they might be needed -



IMG_2633 (2)

Chris has also been very busy again with the Meadowside Designs side of things – lots of traffic via Craftsy as well as the blog and website The Meadowside Block of the Month is extremely popular and you can join in at any time. Don’t forget there’s a Meadowside Mystery on the Meadowside blog too!  As well as a couple of seasonal free patterns if you wanted to add spiders and pumpkins to your decor -

pumpkin and spider



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Peeled Oranges

We had a great day on Saturday with our Orange Peel class – full tables, rapt attention and a fine mist of spray starch hanging over the proceedings!  Everyone had come fully prepared for both machine and hand stitching and we were really quite surprised when, almost at the same moment, all the machines were put away amid declarations of “I really like hand sewing”……….   After the demo everyone tried out different strategies for preparing the Orange Peel shape and we’re happy to report that no fingers were burned as starching and pressing got under way.  We’re looking forward to seeing a few finished pieces at the next class in November!



Our sample corner above, and a start below -




4 patch peels -










Thinner peels based on a circle -









Our demo piece above and a very striking version below -


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Almost Orange Peel

We’re getting everything together for our Saturday class “Orange Peel”.  Chris has  a long list of “bring” stuff to work through and has taken the day off to teach a class at The Corner Patch.  The Rural Office is awash with boxes and bags (no change there then!) being filled in readiness for Saturday and there is a distinct tang of spraystarch in the air as Barbara adds in some more demo pieces.  The printers have already run out of ink – it’s a full class and a big worksheet – so there will be an almost-emergency dash for further stationery supplies to factor in.  Cake has been ordered, the tea and coffee supplies checked so we should be able to cope with more or less anything on the day ….  looking forward to showing the results soon.  In the meantime, here’s a quick look at some samples made earlier this year -


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Our local shop

We’ve both been doing a fair amount of running in and out of our nearest quilt shop The Corner Patch in Eccleshall.  Chris has been there to teach her Block of the Month and Technique of the Month classes as well as a Wonky Stars workshop and Barbara has had to deal with a number of fabric emergencies from ongoing projects and preparation for some of our 2015 classes. (Can you believe that we sometimes work that far ahead? Chris).  Of course,  fabric emergencies (and non-emergencies) could be solved with online shopping via the new website but it’s much more fun to visit in person because then you can savour all the lovely new stock that seems to be arriving almost daily…

In no particular order here are a few pics of the classes and just a taste of the fabric on the shelves

wonky stars H














wonky stars W




















One of Barbara’s favourite hand stitching essentials is in plentiful (and inexpensive) supply – only £3 for a lifetime of happy sewing!



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