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Make it your own?

All those cups of coffee and a few walks in the lovely warm weather have had an effect! Not so much ‘blue sky’ thinking as green fields thinking.

canal 001


trentham 062

All of which means that a Needs List for the Make it your Own class in September is now available and a start has been made on the worksheet. No fewer than three different (and exclusive) (and easy!) small projects have been decided on for you to choose from. In addition Chris has been hunting around in the depths of her desk and found lots of graph paper with all sorts of exciting grids for those who really do prefer to ‘make it their own’ and want to spend a day designing – who said ‘blocks’ had to be square? – there are polar grids and log grids and hexagons and diamonds and triangles and . . .  well, you’ll just have to come and see for yourselves (but one book said ‘perspective’ on the cover).

Of course ‘all’ we have to do now is make some samples and Blue Peters for the projects. . .  It’s bad enough when there is only one of them – but three?? At least it’s the summer and classes have come to an end for a few weeks so we can all catch our breath, do a bit of gardening and start making things for ourselves. Perhaps.

So to whet your appetites – here’s a snippet of some of Chris’s ‘doodled’ blocks made up (some of you may recognise this from Uttoxeter earlier this year).

mityo blocksTime to get back to those samples . . .





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More planning

Further high-level meetings over mugs of coffee at HQ have been held. Chris’s daughter threw a spanner in the works by coming back from the USA with a suitcase full of magazines (she’s been well trained) some of which had different Orange Peel designs in, so Chris passed them on (the least I could do – Chris). All Barbara’s careful planning for October suddenly went out the window. Chris meanwhile has been pondering and doodling things for the September class – Make it Your Own – which we had thought would feature the various units that go to make up blocks and then students could go and make units and turn them into new blocks. But . . .  perhaps we could combine it with the freestyle piecing that was so popular last year, or the ‘stick it and stitch it ‘ freestyle applique from several years ago, or . . .  ? Maybe we should have called it ‘Anything Goes’? We blame those magazines, they were just too full of ideas. One thing is for certain – it will feature ‘block design’ and there will be at least one project to follow and make for those who don’t feel confident enough to go entirely their own way. As a bit of a taster here’s a picture of a quilt Chris was putting together at Nantwich a couple of years ago – and no, it still isn’t quilted!

miyo quilt c

The block was one of Chris’s EQ doodles

eq doodle block

And a block from one of Barbara’s vintage quilts showing a bit of ‘freestyle’ applique.

vinatge quilt applique

Soon there will be a decision made as to just what exactly we will do, but there will be an element of ‘anything goes’ in September; and there will be a project.

The 2015 programme is slowly coming together, much doodling and mugs of coffee and emails and with luck by September there will be a programme – and maybe even a brochure. Chris has starting burbling about a new C&B website (another one?!) for 2015 and may need to go and lie down in darkened room until the fever has passed.


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