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Make It Your Own – class report

A most select group of students and probably the quietest ever day we’ve had at Tittensor – deep concentration and planning ruled! Chris started the ball rolling with a thought-provoking worksheet and some terrific ideas translated into Electric Quilt and projected onto the wall. Very soon you could hear the creative cogs whirring away as fabric was set out, printouts were produced, calculations made and everyone got to work.






One of the Electric Quilt projects that Chris demonstrated started to take on a life of its own – two quite different versions were developed and Ann and Chris came up with a real showstopper a little later in the day.




Val’s owl fabric was much admired


If there had been a prize for Most Pieces In One Block then Sheila would have won -

Complete focus and determination produced a handsome table runner – just the quilting and binding to go!

We all enjoyed tweaking and twirling units around to see what happened -



and now we just have to wait to see all the finished pieces….


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September? – already?

It’s time to get the gears of C&B Towers and the Rural Office moving – enough of the caffeine-laden meetings at HQ with notebooks and pens.  We are putting the final touches to our 2015 brochure and it will make its debut at the Make It Your Own class in a couple of weeks time after which it will be available on our (new) website.  If you want to join in the fun that is on the menu for the Make It Your Own class there is still time to book a place online on the (new) website – did we mention Chris has spent HOURS on a new website for us?  You don’t need to be “good enough” at cutting and stitching to enjoy and benefit from this class. Chris will be demonstrating simple strategies and possibilities which anyone can use to easily make their own completely individual piece, not to be seen in any magazine, blog or YouTube video.  Chris took the pic below of a couple of class samples she put together -

MiYO quiltsFull instructions for these and one other little quilt will be available on the day!

Barbara is having great fun putting samples and worksheets together for the Orange Peel class in October – the requirements list and booking form for this class is available on (you’ve guessed!) the website!



We’re still working on our new Pinterest and Instagram accounts – Chris has already tried to gently break it to Barbara that maybe folks won’t be expecting one of her boards to feature glossy black or funky guitars………. Perhaps the summer break has turned her brain? Anyway, we’d love to see you over at Pinterest or Instagram or both and we may even have some “follow” buttons up on the sidebar shortly to make things easier.

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Too many boxes

It is getting increasingly difficult to navigate the corridors of C&B Towers – there are stacks and stacks of boxes everywhere. One box per class is the rule – Chris will be at The Corner Patch in Eccleshall quite regularly this autumn, teaching Block of the Month, Technique of the Month and Wonky Stars plus the Make it Your Own class we have up at Tittensor and the “away” booking we have for our Merged Blocks class over the border in Mold.  Barbara has a box for her Essentials of Hand Quilting class at The Corner Patch and also The Bramble Patch, another box for a special handstitching class over at ZigZags in Newport, a very large pile of quilts for a lecture up at Wirral Quilters, a box for our Orange Peel Tittensor class plus yet more boxes and bags stuffed full of fabric and notes for ongoing projects that happen to have mysteriously grown a lot over the summer. And then one or two bags have come to light containing  “begun” projects that we have no recollection of beginning … aagh!






too many boxes



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Still keeping busy

Chris has been beavering away in the IT Suite and Barbara slaving over a hot needle – and computer – with the result that the Needs List for the Orange Peel workshop in October is now available to download from the (new) website. Do let us know if you have any problems with online bookings or downloading the needs lists.

If you’ve been following Barbara on Instagram you will have seen a pic or two of some Orange Peel samples and if you have a look on her Pinterest page you will see she has an Orange Peel board full of pictures for your inspiration.

While Barbara has been on her hols Chris has been minding a few of her quilts and seized the opportunity to take some photos and write up a pattern or two. So if you hop over to the Meadowside blog you will see a post about a quilt Barbara made a good few years ago (machine pieced and quilted, not hand, sorry). Here’s a picture of it – and on Meadowside you can see what it might look like in other colours and get the pattern.



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