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Still busy

We may not have a Chris & Barbara workshop until May 24th (make a Mystery Quilt) but this doesn’t mean we are sitting idly back and doing very little. Barbara has been up and down the country several times teaching here there and everywhere while Chris has been teaching a little nearer to home. In fact we have both been teaching at The Corner Patch in Eccleshall recently. Barbara has been doing hand stitching – as you saw from a recent post – and Chris has concentrated on machine work.

Foundation Piecing was the subject of the Technique of the Month for April and a Mariner’s Compass was the promised block. We also had a little tree (courtesy of Electric Quilt) for those who fancied something easier. Chris did remember to get the camera out a couple of times for a photo of Holly’s tree -

Foundation tree

and one of Hazel’s Compass -

Foundation Mariner's compass

Hazel and Holly are mother and daughter – Holly is only 13 (I think – sorry if I got it wrong, Holly – Chris) and has come to several workshops at The Corner Patch recently.

It was also lovely to see some ‘finishes’ come in. Nearly completed is Wendy’s Log Cabin sampler incorporating four blocks from the Block of the Month running at the Corner Patch this year – just the binding to go now -

Log Cabin sampler

and Hazel’s Trip around the World -

Trip around the world -complete with quilting in metallic thread

Trip detail

For the next week or so however it is time to concentrate on sorting out ‘stuff’ for the quilt show at Uttoxeter. Quilt entries for the show have been labelled and packed ready for delivery later in the week.

quilt entries

Next it is the turn of the quilts to display on our stand, printing and folding and collating all the brochures and other paperwork, finding the table covers, organising something to demonstrate (this is why we are there) and making sure that all the fiddly things required – such as pins to pin the quilts and labels up – are not forgotten. Hope to see you there! Don’t look for us in the main hall by the way – we are in the Paddock Pavilion, which is near the entrance, along with the Quilters Guild and the Hilary Beattie exhibition.




Bits and pieces

Lots of activity at C&B Towers but not much blog posting. Chris has been teaching lots of classes at The Corner Patch (and keeps forgetting to file pictures to share), and also starting to gather up the mountain of stuff needed for our space at the Uttoxeter quilt show, which is only a couple of weeks away ( thanks to Maggi for pointing out our diary blooper in the original version of this post!).
Barbara has been zipping up and down various motorways putting serious miles on the clock again so we can only show you a glimpse or two of what is going on behind the scenes. Most of the preparation is done for our Mystery Day in May

and we’ve decided that this time, breaking with tradition, we will send out cutting instructions before the day. This should free up more time on the day for the pedal-to-the-metal sewing part…. and eating cake!
One class at The Corner Patch where pictures were remembered just in time was Antique Rose Star. Jane had prepared fabulous kits for all (72 pieces per kit!) so no cutting needed, just deciding on arrangement before starting to stitch -





























There have been lots of mutterings about clamshells -

A number of trips to the trusty local printing service-

Small quantities of fabric have been acquired


and another project begun

Another busy week beckons, but we understand that time off for gardening might be permissible, so we may indulge in a little light weeding over the weekend…..


Log Cabin with a twist

A very busy Saturday class featuring one of our favourite blocks -Log Cabin. Of course, Log Cabin is less a block and more of a whole quilting department of its own. Probably infinite in possibilities. Chris’s demo included the basics of both Log Cabin and Courthouse Steps and then moved on to adding in squares and half-triangle squares. Time for coffee, tea and biscuits before choosing, cutting and stitching. Starting with arrangements of Chris’s sample blocks you can get an idea of the various productions of the day – see if you can spot the “never done this before” ones!



















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