Tile Tuesday

Tile Tuesday

Sadly neglected and possibly unappreciated – the fate of many tiled floors.  Barbara spotted this particular example several years ago in a front garden in Eastbourne.  An  unusually complex design for a garden path, perhaps making a statement of status at the time, we felt it was a very deserving addition to our collection of tile-inspired patterns.                           

What a handsome quilt this would make! Chris is still working on the pattern for the quilt but in the meantime there is a pattern to make a runner based on this path – with a somewhat smaller, simplified border – available from our Payhip shop or you read about it here.


Doodling in April

Spring has sprung – and our Doodles for April are over on their own page as usual. This month we’ve chosen Fools Square. Intentions were really good to have maybe even made the block in actual fabric, but intentions are not always reliable! So, no fabric block to show you here but, instead, some virtual colour and fabric variations from EQ8.

And in the hope that the inner workings of WordPress are indeed working, you can download a colouring sheet for a Fools Square quilt here.

And if you fancy making your own 10 inch block, or even the quilt you have just designed from the colouring sheet then you can find links to rotary cutting charts, templates (if you prefer) and general piecing guidelines on our sister site Meadowside Designs.

Tile Tuesday

Tile Tuesday

We do love Minton tiles!  Above is an EQ interpretation of a tiled doorstep in the immediate neighbourhood of C&B Towers – this would make an eye-catching table runner in any colour scheme.  Chris has written a pattern which can be found over at our sister site  Meadowside Designs (payhip.com/meadowsidedesigns).

And here’s the doorstep itself –


EQ Doodles – March

Click over to our Doodles page for some ideas using the seasonally appropriate Tulip from North Carolina block – we’re trying hard to showcase more applique this year and this block is a real winner. Barbara included the block in a Hand Stitched Sampler taught at The Corner Patch a couple of years ago – here it is before and after quilting.

Tile Tuesday

Tile Tuesday

Following on from last week’s post featuring Minton tiles here’s another Minton tiled floor in it’s original domestic setting.  This one was spotted in Lichfield, Staffs – with some difficulty as it was hiding in an estate agent’s window there. Not terribly exciting in this picture and not terribly visible either.

But from this image (and a trusty notebook/pencil combination, followed by EQ7) Chris was able to draft a pattern and produce a quilt which we think is rather handsome.  Barbara is currently resisting the urge to cut up fabric and dive right in to this project – and, as we know, resistance is sometimes futile!

The pattern for this Lichfield quilt can be found over in our Meadowside Designs shop.

No surprise then that we now have a goodly collection of tiled floor images sourced from house sale particulars!

Electric Quilt

New month, new Doodles

Regular readers of this blog will be familiar with our monthly Electric Quilt Doodles which have their own page.  This month we are featuring the very graphic “Crossing Hearts” block from the EQ8 library and on the Doodles page we are offering our traditional free quilt to colour link and also templates to make an 8inch Crossing Hearts block.

Barbara investigated the deeper layers of the limited stash at the Overseas Office and chose red and green fabrics on a muslin background for her starter block – here it is, marked up but not pinned, glued or basted into place.

This is the arrangement of hearts (minus the crossing stems) shown in EQ, but we’re well-known for wondering “what if?” so it was inevitable that the hearts would be moved into an alternative arrangement –

Time to return to the EQ arrangement and get these stitched into place!

Happy stitching!