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Stellar Sampler

It’s nearly the end of the year (how did that happen?) and we’ve reached the last few of our stellar blocks. These are more eight-pointed stars, somewhat akin to the Blazing Star blocks from last month. You can download the 12 inch patterns and blocks to colour for all the blocks featured today here – it is free remember)

We start with Key West

If you divide that up a bit you get Morning Star (we have dubbed this Morning Star 2 in the download – you’ll see why in a moment)

Take the centre points of Key West and add pointed corners to make April Star

If you then take those points and divide them you get Shadow Star

Divide just the corner points of April Star to make Star and Cone

Or make the centre points shorter (and thus fatter at the end) to make Guiding Star

Then we come to our other Morning Star – a Blazing Star / April Star / Key West with added bits!

But we couldn’t leave our stellar year without reminding you of the Tangled Star block

You can find a pattern to make a runner using this block over in our Payhip shop along with many other patterns for runners, quilts and table toppers.

We hope you have enjoyed our exploration of some of the multitude of star blocks – and please download the patterns (they are free) and play with the ‘block to colour’ pages – split up the various bits of the stars and design your own extra stellar blocks.

Electric Quilt, Free patterns, possibilities, star blocks

Stellar Sampler

Browsing through the star blocks in BlockBase and Electric Quilt Chris came across a star called Star and Dot which looks a bit like a Blazing Star with bits missing. Further browsing produced a few more stars in the same family.

Let’s start with Star and Dot

Then add a few lines to make New Star

Or add spiked corners to make Blazing Star

Split those corners to make another version of Blazing Star

Change the corner and centre to make the Emerald block

Or add in lots of extras to make Optical Illusion

You can download the cutting instructions for all these blocks (12 inches) and blank blocks to colour here. You could also use the blank Star and Dot block to design a block of your own.

Electric Quilt, Free patterns, possibilities, star blocks

Stellar Sampler

We’ve another family of blocks to explore this month – the Eight-Pointed Stars, based on the LeMoyne Star

You can download cutting instructions for 12 inch blocks and blank blocks to play with here.

Taking Lemoyne Star as a starting point you could add some extra little points – we called this one Double Star

But those corner squares looked a bit plain so we added four-patches and, with our usual panache, called it Double Star Variation

Or you could start dividing the star points – to give a block often called Blazing Star

Another division of the star points and turning the corner squares into half-square triangles gives us EQ Star

The blocks above are all included in the download but there are lots of other variations to the basic star – dividing the star points in half lengthwise and adding half-square triangles in the corners gives us a block often called Silver and Gold

Using stripes – or strips – to make the star points can make Spiderweb Star

or Wrapped Star

If you go searching you will find dozens of other variations like these, or you can draw your own using the blank blocks in the download – the templates included should be enough to make many of the variations.

Electric Quilt, star blocks

EQ Doodles -October

We slip into autumn with the spotlight on Pinwheel Square –

Scroll through the blocks and straight quilt settings below and enjoy the difference that simple changes of value or placement of value can make.

It’s always interesting to try out combinations of different versions of the same block –

And sometimes you just have to turn it all on point!

You’ll find a free pdf download with block to colour, rotary cutting directions and templates here.

Electric Quilt, Free patterns, star blocks

Stellar Sampler

This month we’ve been playing on EQ and exploring the family of star blocks that include 54-40 or Fight. The starting point is a block simply known as Eight-Pointed Star

Eight-pointed Star

but then various other units get added to the plain squares in the centre and/or the corners to make new blocks. Starting with just triangle corners and then adding something to the centre we end up with these four – The Eight-Pointed Star, Judy in Arabia, Doris’ Delight and an un-named block from the 1920s

Just adding a more complicated centre to the starting block gives us Dove at the Window

Dove at the Window

And then if we add four-patch units to the centre and corner squares, then change the lights and darks around you get 54-40 or Fight, Garden Patch and Bird of Paradise

The star point units (often called Peaky and Spike – and Chris can never remember which triangle is Peaky and which Spike) are probably most accurately made with foundation piecing so these are included in the download pack. Rotary cutting the equilateral (background) triangle is nigh on impossible so the other method is to use templates – also included in the pack. These plus rotary cutting instructions and a block to colour for each block mentioned in this post can be downloaded here.

As usual we then had a ‘what happens if . . ?’ moment and divided up the Peaky and Spike units too, adding a square on point to the centre.

If you print out a few plain Eight-Pointed Star blocks from your download you too can grab a pencil and play at designing a new-to-you block – you are not obliged to make it!

Electric Quilt, star blocks

EQ Doodles – September

We seem to say every year that September has come around very quickly – and every year seems to whizz by very quickly. So it is following this well-established tradition that we welcome you to our September Doodles with the observation that September has indeed come around very quickly! Our featured block is Nine Patch Star –

shown above with the EQ default colouring. And it’s an easy step from a a single block to a straight quilt setting –

We’ve never been able to resist the “what if” factor that is so easy with Electric Quilt – here’s the Nine Patch Star block recoloured to rose –

and a slight tweak –

A second slight tweak –

Another tweak –

Again, a tweak –

Last tweak –

Another of our well-established traditions is to provide you with a free pdf download which has a block to colour, rotary cutting instructions and templates – find it here.

Electric Quilt, Free patterns, star blocks

Stellar Sampler

We’ve chosen another old favourite to highlight this month – the Sawtooth Star.

There are a gazillion variations of this block – and no rules to say you can’t make up your own. You can download a block to colour or play with plus cutting instructions for many of the blocks featured – and there should be enough information in there to work out how to make lots of other blocks.

To start with you can add triangle corners and/or a diamond-in-a-square centre to make a Variable Star, a Variable Star Variation and Mosaic #19

Or you split that centre square into triangles to make Free Trade, Chisholm Trail, Sarah’s Choice, Barbara Frietschie, Anna’s Choice, Margaret’s Choice and and another Variable Star Variation

Some of the blocks look identical – apart from the way they are coloured and this has been enough to give them different names over the years.

Those centre triangles can be divided again to give us two very similar looking blocks – Martha Washington’s Star and Star and Pinwheels

Or how about dividing the centre (and maybe the corners) into smaller squares? This will give blocks such as Sawtooth 16-patch and Frayed Sawtooth

Sometimes a Sawtooth Star block has been used as the centre square – this gives us Rising Star and Eight Hands Around

Taking these a little further by dividing the corners and even the large triangles around the edges to make a Rising Star Variation, Free Trade, and Odd Fellows Chain and its Variation

What we haven’t yet done is split the small Flying Geese triangles – doing this gives us Aunt Addies Album and from there you can get Square and Stars and its Variation

Start playing with this exceptionally versatile block and see what you come up with – download the PDF to help you on your way.

Free patterns, quilt patterns, star blocks

Stellar Sampler

We have yet more Ohio Star variation blocks this week – there’s just so many of them to choose from!

Some are more complicated (fiddly?) than others but you can still find the basic Ohio Star block in there. You can download the cutting instructions to make all these12 inch blocks to add to your Stellar Sampler or just make one into a cushion or bag front.

We also had a bit of fun making virtual quilts with these blocks – some with just the one block and some with pairs of blocks set alternately.

Your download includes pages of the blocks to colour in so you could cut these up and make your own ‘quilts’. Have fun!

Free patterns, star blocks

June’s blocks on Meadowside

Over on the Meadowside blog we have reached M in our alphabetical odyssey with Maple Leaf blocks, a Merry Kite and this week we are dipping our toes in the Mississippi.

Superficially the Mississippi block looks a bit like a Friendship Star or the Ribbon Quilt block but look again. The difference becomes very apparent when you put four blocks together

It’s a simple block to make, even at six-inches, and four together will (of course) make a 12 inch block to fit in with the Stellar Sampler we are slowly making this year. You can download the cutting instructions to make a six-inch block over on the Meadowside blog.

colouring in, Electric Quilt, Free patterns, possibilities, star blocks

Stellar Sampler

Last month our stellar sampler looked at Ohio Star and some of its variations and this month we continue that theme – one of the reason we love the basic block is that are so many ways to alter it, colour it and create a new (or new-looking) block.

One variation we looked at was Swamp Angel, but what if you split those corner triangles, or use a wide stripe? The resulting block is called Jacknife or Treasure Chest

Or you could split the outer triangles into a square and two smaller triangles and make Aunt Dinah – note too the change of colouring in the ‘star’ units

Or divide the inner triangle into two smaller triangles to make Mystery Flower Garden

Or split the corner squares with a thin strip from the inner to the outer corners – which makes a block called Old Snowflake

You can download the cutting instructions to make all these blocks at 12 inches and we have included colouring pages for each one as well – the colours shown above are the EQ default colours but there are plenty of opportunities to make these blocks your own.