Tile Tuesday

From garden tiles (somehow posted twice!) back to Mr Minton’s wonderful tiles – Chris was inspired to draft this bold strippy-style quilt from a local domestic floor.

The strong russet colour of the original tiles is not always easy to match exactly in fabric but there are plenty of “near-enough” options out there – this is what EQ came up with asked to turn the colours into fabrics

But you don’t have to stick with the original tile colours – go pastel or go bold . . . and while you’re at it you could change the design around a little!

You can find the pattern to buy in our Payhip shop.

The original floor photo also inspired the Lichfield quilt which can you read about on our Meadowside blog.


PopUp online class!

We are delighted to announce that our late Spring PopUp class is scheduled for Saturday 22nd May 10am – 4pm via Zoom from our studios to your home. The title is “Virtually Versatile” and we will be focussing on piecing techniques and block design possibilities. No fancy pictures to show because we will be looking at process rather than a finite, specific project. And no long requirements list/quantities of fabric either – your home sewing set up and a few fat quarters of fabric is all you’ll need. If you’d be interested in joining us please leave a comment below and we will send you full details, the cost, and a booking form to return.

As it’s the beginning of the merry month of May we have updated our EQ Doodles page – this month we are featuring the traditional block “Grandmothers Puzzle”. You’ll find variations and suggestions for this block and a colouring sheet link waiting for you.

Free patterns, Mystery Monday

Mystery Monday Step 4

Find the pieces from Step 3 (earlier this month!) ready for Step 4 with a little more stitching and cutting – or possibly cutting and stitching. . .

Download Step 4 instructions here and then go and search for the Step 3 bits and pieces which should look a little like –

Step 5 should appear here on Monday May 10th.


Tile Tuesday

In the good old days when we did outrageous things like walking dogs, stopping for coffee, visiting garden centres etc we sometimes saw outdoor tile arrangements that offered some inspiration. Even this incomplete (and very large) arrangement –

And here’s Barbara’s interpretation of the complete circle but as a more manageable 12inch block –

This is currently on the “awaiting more quilting” pile at the Rural Office before being finished into yet another cushion.

Free patterns, Mystery Monday

Mystery Monday Step 3

A little more cutting and stitching this week.

You will need fabrics A, D and F – hope you remembered to label them!

Download Step 3 Instructions here. You should end up with a few things looking a little like these. Label them and put them safe as you will need them again.

See you back here for Step 4 on April 26th.