Scrappy Sunday – not!

Well, the delights and trials of technology, apps and scrambled brains seem to have conspired to put the Scrappy post intended for Sunday 23rd completely out of synch. and well ahead of the correct publication date.  Which is a nuisance.  So scroll back to find out thoughts about using scraps of time and meanwhile we’ll see if we can put things back in sequence.  Here’s  one  of  the  pics  from the  Wrong  Post-

Scrappy Sundays – Strips

More strips this week, and more stars too. You can use your scrap strips to make two Eight-Point star blocks – Cross Roads

Cross Roads a

and Liberty Star.

Liberty Star a

These have strips of equal width within the star points but you could join random strips together and just cut the star diamonds from those.

Cross Roads g

Liberty Star f

If you want to have a play then you can download the templates for a 12 inch block here.

See you next week for more scrappiness.

Scrappy Sunday

A slightly different take on scraps and scrappy this time – Barbara was reviewing her many “in progress” “not yet finished” “only ten years since it was started” projects and started thinking about using scraps of time.   As in always having a small bag with handsewing within reach so you can put in a few stitches in those little scraps of time waiting for appointments, on the train, at the airport etc.  And you can use other scraps of time at home to prepare patches, marking out, cutting out and pressing.  EPP projects in particular are perfect for this approach and stitching on the move, keeping your hands occupied and your blood pressure down.  

 The blocks shown below were handpieced (not EPP) over the course of one year, mostly during one 2hour train journey most weeks.  Cutting and marking pieces ( which were scraps from an earlier project) was squeezed into ten minutes here and there at home.  The block is one Barbara knows as Antique Rose Star, and has since proved a very popular class.  Still waiting for it’s final setting, this remains one of Barbara’s favourite “in progress” projects.

Scrappy Sunday – just random

Scraps, as we know, come in different sizes and quantities and you can use them to make all sorts of quilty items. One of Barbara’s most treasured and most used stitching possessions is this mini needlebook made by her good friend Katharine Guerrier

Teeny squares of Liberty lawn make up both front and back – a great way to maximise even the smallest scrap.  This needlebook has racked up thousands of miles with Barbara on her travels and is, after nearly thirty years, beginning to show signs of wear and tear.

Another well-travelled stitching companion is the flat pincushion Barbara made for herself with scraps left over from an earlier scrap project. Scraps from scraps can still be turned into something useful!

Another of Barbara’s treasured possessions – a bag made by the amazing Mrs Moog – is made from scraps and recycled fabrics.  Mrs Moog’s bags (find her online at Etsy - – and on Instagram @mrsmoog) are a byword for artistry and technical excellence – no two bags are exactly the same and the quality of finish and presentation is second to none.  A completely creative use of scraps!

We’re off to sort our scraps again and see what ideas we can come up with – more scrappiness next time !

Scrappy Sunday – EQ Doodles

The block we’ve chosen for our February Doodles is Red Cross. Over on the Doodles page you will find some monochrome ideas for colourings and quilts designs showing how moving the light, medium and dark fabrics around can change the look of the block and the quilt. But it is Scrappy Sunday today so will this block work with scraps?

This is how the block could look with just one colour – blue

Feb block


But you could use your blue and green scraps –

Feb block scrappy

Or multi colours – note that the light rectangles are different fabrics too (honest!)

Feb block multi scrappy a

Or you may prefer to make the rectangles all the same colour and perhaps try a dark colour there and lighter colours in some of the triangles –

Feb block multi scrappy

But what about the quilts? A scrappy straight set with light rectangles could look like this

feb quilt multi scrappy

Or we could add light triangles around those centre squares and the outer edges of the blocks –

feb quilt multi scrappy a

You can download a quilt to colour here. And if you want to make the block (or quilt) then here is where you can download the rotary cutting instructions for a 10 inch block.

Scrappy Sunday

This week’s scrappiness is all wrapped up in one very small quilt.  The inspiration came from a vintage “cheater” cloth used in an equally vintage quilt – just too good to ignore!

Chris drafted the pattern using our beloved Electric Quilt program (find out more at UKQU as well as the pattern links) and Barbara raided her scrap bag for the scraps needed to piece it.  Look really closely and see how many different fabrics Barbara managed to  put together to make this – probably more than you might think at first glance.  One of the main themes of these Scrappy posts is that you can make almost any mix look good if you keep a balance and a style and you can see that here – many different repro shirtings and a mix of black and red prints with no two blocks being identical.  Here’s another shot of the same piece basted ready for quilting –

– and you can just about see that the scrap concept was carried through even to the borders.  



Scrappy Sunday Stars

Due to a lack of scrappy quilts in Chris’s cupboard this post is brought to you thanks to the wonders of Electric Quilt! One of our favourite blocks is the Ohio Star.

scrappy Ohio Star block a

But on its own it isn’t very interesting turned into a quilt. And even if you do alternate colourings it still fails to excite that much, although it is much better. Adding sashing can improve things too.

Scrappy Ohio Star quilt a

But . . .  what about scrappy stars? We seem to have a number of so-called orphan blocks left over from class and workshop demonstrations. What would they look like put into a quilt?


Perhaps sashing would help a bit – if you have enough bits in the scrap bag. Or an on-point setting maybe?

If you fancy making the block you can find some instructions for a 9inch one here.