Electric Quilt doodles

On to so-called “Flaming June” – not looking to be an overly-warm prospect but we can always hope! Our featured block for this month was an optimistic choice – sometimes known as Sunflower, sometimes Triple Sunflower.

This is the default colouring from EQ8 – of course we had to start making a few changes, starting with the background and finishing with red sunflowers, not yellow.

A straight setting of this traditional block looks very “busy” and perhaps a lot of piecing for a crowded effect. Adding sashing and cornerstones gives more breathing room.

It’s always fun to play around with directional blocks such as Sunflower, lots of possibilities!

Dark backgrounds can add that extra helping of drama (above). Below is a real mix of dark and light backgrounds and turning everything on point.

Turn the blocks around and return to the idea of sashing and cornerstones –

You can try out your own ideas on a colouring sheet – download via this link – https://chrisandbarbaraquilts.files.wordpress.com/2021/05/june-doodle-to-colour.pdf.


13 thoughts on “Electric Quilt doodles”

  1. I love your EQ doodles! I am only just starting on EQ and working through the instructions so am amazed at what can be produced – are you thinking of doing any on-line classes? PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the doodles.
    Have a quilt wizard …lesser version of EQ but still fun to use. Good to see different colour effects. Keep doodling

    1. sorry Lynda, no assembly instructions, just the templates and rotary cutting measurements. For the Rolling Star I would join the diamonds first into pairs, then into 4s and then join the 2 sets of 4 together. The diamonds and squares then go into place using Yseam technique or stitch and pivot. Will have discussions with the Technical Department about expanding into instructions for future Doodle selections. Barbar

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