Electric Quilt doodles

New Year, new doodles.  We’re fairly sure this basic quilt plan is one we’ve featured before but we’re shamelessly going to feature it again because oldies are often goodies.  So, first the basic quilt plan and colouring as recovered from our archives –

and move into this year’s doodling – keep the colouring but rotate some of the border blocks –

Keep things moving and change the background colours to a uniform light value and cool colour rather than warm –


Next set of changes – hit the EQ Swap Tool and switch everything to a cool blue/grey palette –

Staying with the changed palette but adding in a new blue –

Try a grey green rather than the new blue, and change position.

Now back to blue – darker and lighter backgrounds and borders –

Finally – return some light value –

You can download a printable quilt plan to colour in here – January doodle

Happy stitching!




















5 thoughts on “Electric Quilt doodles

  1. I love your EQ doodles! I am only just starting on EQ and working through the instructions so am amazed at what can be produced – are you thinking of doing any on-line classes? PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the doodles.
    Have a quilt wizard …lesser version of EQ but still fun to use. Good to see different colour effects. Keep doodling

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