Electric Quilt doodles

September has arrived so it might be time for a summery coloured set of doodles – warm oranges and yellows strongly to the fore.  Simple edge to edge setting, then narrow sashing and cornerstones, lots of options from quite small variations.

Starting point –

September 2018

Next – change the position of the blocks

September 2 2018

Next – all the same block, add a dash of lime sashing and a cornerstones border

September 3 2018

Next step – switch around the sashing and border colouring

September 4 2018

And now – lighten the colour of the sashing

September 5 2108

Next step – make some changes in the block colouring

September 6 2018

And then – change the colour of the border again

September 7 2018

Another step – remove the sashing and border, turn the blocks on point and fill in with partial blocks.

September 8 2018

Finally, keep the main blocks on point and fill in with partial blocks made from the alternative block from the original doodle.

September 9 2018


5 thoughts on “Electric Quilt doodles

  1. I love your EQ doodles! I am only just starting on EQ and working through the instructions so am amazed at what can be produced – are you thinking of doing any on-line classes? PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the doodles.
    Have a quilt wizard …lesser version of EQ but still fun to use. Good to see different colour effects. Keep doodling

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