Electric Quilt doodles – September


Doodles for this month come via our Overseas Office where autumnal weather has already set in and influenced the colour palette.  Starry blocks and some seasonal colouring follow! –


Two simple blocks in one of our favourite frame style settings –

Change the simple block for more complex

Switch the position of these blocks – does one look better than the other?

Now for another favourite “trick” – reverse the value of the background from light to dark. It really makes the colours pop. And setting the blocks on point makes quite a difference too!

On point


More tweaking of colour and block position – can you spot the not-deliberate mistake?



5 thoughts on “Electric Quilt doodles – September

  1. I love your EQ doodles! I am only just starting on EQ and working through the instructions so am amazed at what can be produced – are you thinking of doing any on-line classes? PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the doodles.
    Have a quilt wizard …lesser version of EQ but still fun to use. Good to see different colour effects. Keep doodling

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