Electric Quilt doodles

This month’s Doodles feature two traditional quilt blocks with lots of Half Square Triangles.




Next, some quilt layouts using both blocks –



What if the blocks are simplified and reduced to just two values?


Now quilt settings become more dramatic and graphic –

Dramatic and graphic these may be but it’s hard to resist the temptation to start tinkering with additional values – first, just at the centre of one block

and then at the centre of both blocks –

Continue  to add in the third value but change the hue and the layout looks even more interesting –


Download a free colouring sheet here September doodle to play around with ideas of your own.  Happy doodling!

















































5 thoughts on “Electric Quilt doodles

  1. I love your EQ doodles! I am only just starting on EQ and working through the instructions so am amazed at what can be produced – are you thinking of doing any on-line classes? PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  2. I love the doodles.
    Have a quilt wizard …lesser version of EQ but still fun to use. Good to see different colour effects. Keep doodling

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