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100th post giveaway

It worked out that our 100th post and the 7th instalment of the current Mystery Monday project coincided – how did we let that happen?  After serious consideration (and coffee) we decided that we really should follow an almost-mandatory blogland custom and have some sort of giveaway.  And so we shall.   Leave a comment at the foot of  this post and next Wednesday we will put all names into a suitable receptacle and find someone to draw the winner (possibly Barbara’s mum, who most definitely is not open to bribery) – make sure we have some way of getting in touch with you if you should be the winner. Really good news is that, if you already subscribe to our blog, we’ll put your name in twice as a small “Thank You” for your support.  Pictures of the Grand Draw and name of the winner will be posted here. 

And after all that, what are we giving away?  Well, we considered silly things like a year’s supply of chocolate biscuits, but that wouldn’t be easy to mail , so we settled on something more ordinary and even more basic (is there anything more basic than chocolate biscuits? – Chris) like fabric – 2 fat quarters of Laurel Burch cat cameo fabric and a 1/2yd Laurel Burch panel, plus a super fabric covered journal with khadi paper pages from ZigZags and then, for good measure, a trio of hand-dyed 18inch squares with a skein of hand-dyed cotton perle #8. 

Good luck everyone!

17 thoughts on “100th post giveaway”

  1. Well with a yum list like that, you are spoiling us! How could one refuse to join in? (And LB fabric is wonderful!)

    Good luck with you future 100000000 posts!!!!!!

  2. Wow! What a fantastic prize. I can’t believe I’ve been reading 100 postings, here’s to many more.
    Good Luck to everyone who enters.

  3. i have flown over in my plastic plane from wordpress. This sdounds like blackmail to receive more material. How about a voucher for a quilt shop. it can be sent via the plastic plane.
    Finished my sewing. BUT i must be DottyI have a rouge block. pattern match not colours. i used fatish quarters.

  4. that´s a yummy giveaway and you are spoiling us… Ok you give the goods and I enter with the biscuits and coffee. I am your long time follower.

    congratulations on your 100th post and thank you for soooooo much inspiration and help

  5. I am up for the chance of fabby free fabric. Having spent the day teaching 14 year olds to make blocks by hand I am loving the idea of winning fabric. same again tomorrow with 15 year olds – wish me luck.

  6. Ooooh lovely giveaway (although I was secretly hoping for a peek of a new book)!

    Thank you for all your blogging and here is to very much more.

  7. Oh, I was so hoping the gift would be Jaffa Cakes or Gin. ah well I’m putting a brave face on it. (it could have been 5 miles of previously owned bunting) Seriously, you are a very generous pair of blog masters Count me in. Here’s to the next centenary

  8. What a lovely idea! And I am enjoying the mystery Mondays – am indeed only 2 Mondays behind so far, and I was away so have an excuse!

  9. Thanks for starting the blog, Barbara and Chris. I do enjoy reading it. I just love the cat material.

  10. I have never done anything like this before, and knowing my luck this message will get lost in the ether of time and space. I am a sucker for competitions (always trying for raffle prizes for my animal charity – that is not a bribe! ) Loving the blog and I particularly like the quilt on the leading page!! Love Kate.

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