Mystery Monday 7

Can you believe that it’s already Week 7 of the current Mystery Monday project ?  This week we are continuing to join units into blocks …

To make Block 2 you will need 4 of Unit 1, 8 of Unit 4 and 4 of Unit 3 .

Download a printable version here

Each block requires

  • One Ac+B triangle unit (Unit 1)
  • Two B+C triangle units (Unit 4). Fat quarters – use one B+Ca and one B+Cb
  • One Ad+B 4patch square unit (Unit 3)

1. Stitch Unit 1 to Unit 4.

2. Stitch Unit 4 to Unit 3

3. Stitch rows together to complete block.

4. Make four of Block Two

And now all you have to do is wait until next Monday to find out what happens next.  Happy stitching!

PS:  If you like statistics and/or free stuff  you might be interested to know that this is our 100th blog post – a small achievement for procrastination and general mayhem.  Elsewhere in blogland great occasions such as this are marked with a giveaway and, always keen to go with the flow, we will be doing the same.  All the details in the next couple of days.


7 thoughts on “Mystery Monday 7

  1. Just copied off information, and going to make.

    Chris / Barbara how is the new toy going? is it worth the money either as a new EQ7 package or just update?

    Not sure about it based on the cost and how much i use it.

    • We’re still playing! We’ve both had the update as we were already running EQ6. If you don’t use EQ a lot now then you might want to wait a while and upgrade later.

  2. All my blocks were done by 11.30am. Can’t believe you’ve drawn me into your good habits! Now I’ve got nothing to do until next Monday except clean, cook, shop and send trivial messages out into the blogosphere.

  3. Well done everyone, we’re hoping we’ll see pics of all this lovely work you’ve been doing behind closed doors!

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