Too much sun?

Whatever’s happening – has Chris had too much sun? Is it the effect of going away on holiday?

You may remember seeing this some months ago when Chris was attempting to make a back large enough to fit, with enough overhang for longarm quilting.

And now ….. Here it is on the kitchen table being tacked. By hand. No pins. Does this mean …. I fear it it does … Chris is going to attempt to (dare we say it?) hand quilt this monstrous thing.

The reasoning behind this seeming madness (and for those you who don’t know – Chris does not (repeat, not) do hand sewing) is that quilting by credit card is unaffordable at the moment and the thing is too large to be mauled around inthe small space where the sewing machine resides. So … hand quilting it is. For the moment. Do not expect to see a post of the finished article for some years. The last quilt (also a Welsh design) that Chris started hand quilting is still not finished some 20 years later! Although, thanks to stirling work by Ann Jermey, it’s not far off and ‘will do’ for now (and probably for ever, unless Ann comes to stay again).

It was made with Viyella ‘ends of rolls’ from a long-defunct shop (anyone remember the White Hart fabric shop?) and has a wool wadding which – as you can see- is bearding horribly. Never mind, it has been bound and lives behind the settee where it does a great job as a ‘poorly’ quilt for snuggling up in when watching daytime tv and nursing the ‘flu.


6 thoughts on “Too much sun?”

  1. It is beautiful Chris. I’m sure your friend Barbara who has nothing to do at present will help to speed it up.Uttoxeter next year???

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