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Saturday’s class – Four into Sixteen

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our Saturday class at Tittensor.  Having had to cancel the previous class due to snow and adverse road conditions we all enjoyed being able to set things up with warm sunshine, birdsong volume turned up and the gentle clack of bowls from the bowling green at the side of the car park.  Full house again to discover and explore a very simple technique with lots of potential and possibilities.  There were even samples, instructions and a demo! The technique part was based on Billie Lauder’s “Quick Tricks Squared”  and it begins with two 10inch squares. (Think Layer Cake).  Simple stitching and slicing leads from these two squares to two 4patch units –

starter 4patch

starter units

and then on from here with some further stitching and slicing

first slice

to arrive at something like this

finished block

So far so good.  Lots of fun and several blocks made.  But one of our favourite things is “What if?” so we went back to the start with the 10inch squares and instead of 2 fabrics, some of us tried out 3 different fabrics, some of us tried out 4.  And cutting at different intervals, and swapping slices around ……………… it was all very absorbing, and probably one of the quietest classes we’ve ever had!

finished block


two sets of blocks

definitely blue

more blocks

carried away

hands on

hands on

4 fabric blocks

4 fabric blocks

2 block combination

variations on a theme

more blocks

4 fabric block

more variations

3 fabric block

Maggi Birchenough had brought in a small selection of her yummy hand dyed fabrics and threads

Maggi's fabrics

hand dyed threads

we had a basket of fat quarters from The Corner Patch  and we put flyers out for Staffs Patchworkers programme and also the British Quilt & Stitch Village Show  which is (gulp) less than a week away.  So while we wait for everyone to rush and stitch their blocks together into wonderful quilt tops we need to put things together for our demo spot at Uttoxeter – perhaps more caffeine is called for?


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