Four into Sixteen block – the basics

We’ve had a LOT of interest in the results of Saturday’s Four into Sixteen class.  So much so that we thought we’d post some step-by-step pictures for making the 2fabric version.  It might be something you’d like to try.  This is based on Billie Lauder’s “Quick Tricks Squared” book in which you will find many other interesting things.

Start with two 10inch squares.  Choose fabrics that are easily distinguishable one from the other for this first run through.

4 into 16 squares

RS together stitch down opposite sides of the square using the standard 1/4inch seam

4 into 16 stitch squares

Press the stitching flat, then with the seams at left and right, cut down the middle of the square


Press the two new units.  We recommend pressing the seam towards the same fabric each time.

Pair these units RS together and stitch down opposite sides, crossing the seams just made.

4/16 matching units


Press the new seams flat and then cut the square into halves

4/16 cut apart

Congratulations! You now have two 4patch units with none of the hassle of cutting and matching smaller squares.

Take one of the 4patch units, measure 1 1/2 inches from the centre seam and cut.

4/16 centre cut


Now measure and cut the same distance from the centre seam but on the opposite side

4/16 centre cut


Re-position the slices just cut so that they look like this

4/16 re-arrange


Stitch the slices together into this arrangement and press.  Then using the same measurement as before, 1 1/2inches, and working from the centre seam,  cut slices from the block in the opposite direction

4/16 second cuts


4/16 second cuts


4/16 second cuts


4/16 second cuts


And, at this point, we think you can work out what happens next – switch the slices around so that they look like this

4/16 final arrangement


stitch together and press.  That’s it!  Oh, except there’s a second 4patch unit waiting for you to work through the same steps and make a second block.  Then with two blocks made it would be a shame not to whip together a few more and …….


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