Electric Quilt class

Chris was back in Eccleshall at The Corner Patch on Wednesday evening to demonstrate and teach the Electric Quilt (EQ7) computer program to complete novices – those who were thinking of buying the program and those who had bought it but never got beyond installing it. The manual which comes with the program is very comprehensive but can be a bit intimidating for those with little computer experience.

We started off just looking at the blocks available in the Block Library and putting a few in the sketchbook. After that we explored the possibilities for colouring the blocks using plain colours or fabrics from the default palette.

sawtooth block colour

Once we were happy with those skills we moved on to the Fabric Library and adding more fabrics to the sketchbook palette. Cue lots of excited ‘oohs’ and even more when told it was possible to download yet more from the EQ website and some fabric manufacturers as well.

After that we explored the possiblities for adding and subtracting lines from some of the blocks we’d found in the Library earlier – making our own new blocks – and saving them in the sketchbook before colouring them and saving again.

Then it was time to move on to ‘making’ quilts. We had fun using the different methods for putting blocks into a simple quilt layout and changing or adding some colours. Then it was on to adding sashing and borders. Even more excitement on seeing the variety of border options available.

sawtooth quilt

sawtooth and sashing

sawtooth plain border

sawtooth and four borders

Having played with all these lovely things there was just time to discover the delights of Chris’s favourite two buttons for quilt design – ‘Symmetry’, which turns the blocks round and ‘Random Recolor’, which does what it says!

And all this in two hours. Time flies with enthusiastic students who keep wanting to know more.  It was no wonder our heads hurt. We can’t help but ask – how many virtual quilts have you made since? After the last class we think the record number was over 200 in one evening.

This class was Get Going with EQ.  Further classes are planned – the next one is on June 19th – which may be a repeat of this one or a follow up depending on demand.  Follow-up classes are ‘Further Fun with EQ’ which explores more of the possibilities for drawing your own blocks and motifs and ‘Creating Quilts with EQ’ which looks in more detail at the quilt design worktable.  Each class is accompanied by a comprehensive screenshot-by-screenshot book to take home.

Time to go and put everything together for the Four into Sixteen class at Tittensor on Saturday …


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