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Scrappy Sundays – 60degree diamonds

Diamonds are almost as popular a shape as hexagons when it comes to making every scrap of fabric count.  The 60degree diamond in particular is exceptionally versatile and is a shape Barbara has been working with a lot in her hand piecing classes – here’s a really quick run-through of some favourite arrangements.

Join 60degree diamonds into a strip for a striking pleated effect which is great for borders –

Join 60degree diamonds into 3s to make a hexagon, then take it one step further to  magically create a 3D effect by consistent value placement – this is the traditional pattern sometimes known as Tumbling Blocks or Baby Blocks.









Join 60degree diamonds first into pairs then into 4s to make a diamond, put 6 of these diamonds together to make a star or put 3 together to make a chequered hexagon  (not  shown)











Join 6 60degree diamonds together to make a star, 3 diamonds and 3 diamonds then a centre seam, fill in the outer spaces with diamonds to make a hexagon star.








One of Barbara’s class samples shows the pleated border and hexagon star options and uses jelly roll strip scraps left over from an earlier project.  There was not enough of any one fabric to make repeating choices which made the placement process quite a challenge – but very satisfying.






















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