Scrappy Sunday

Scrappy Sunday

Reporting in with progress on the 4patch front – here’s the present position

About half of the first stack of squares have been converted first into pairs and then into 4patch units.  No counting at this stage, just keep marking up and stitching and enjoying the process.

Then there’s the urge to lay out just a few 4 patch units to see how they look – maybe this block arrangement?

or maybe something like this? –

Remember that your local quilt shop will have jelly rolls, charm packs etc if you want to freshen up your supplies.  Pre-cuts are a great way of enhancing yourstash and are excellent value for money.  Barbara often starts a project or class sample with a selection of 2 1/2inch strips cut from half lengths of jelly roll strips – sort of having your cake and eating it….

You may remember these from a scrappy hexagons post last year –

At the time of writing these lovely fresh springlike fabrics are available at a discounted price at The Corner Patch – we just might be acquiring further supplies and adding to the stock of ready-to-use hexagons. Grandmother’s Flower Garden anyone??

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