Autumn. Already?

… is rather what we’re feeling. Chris starts teaching on Thursday and a mountain (or so it seems) of fabrics has been stacked up ready for starching and pressing so the teaching demos progress as smoothly (fingers crossed) as planned.

fabric to be ironed

Barbara has been busy making Pickle Dishes for later in the month (September 15th at Tittensor) and writing up the worksheet for Chris to read through.  Chris, having acquired a new computer with the latest version of Word, suddenly realises that if she makes any changes and just hits ‘save’ Barbara won’t be able to open the file again. Hmmm. Why do Microsoft do these things?  The old version worked exceedingly well.  The new version? Let’s just say that so far Chris is underwhelmed by it.  But then maybe we said that about Word 3 and this is now 10 … and we’re older but not necessarily wiser.  And Chris will have to remember to hit ‘save as’ instead. (Remembering, of course, is a whole can of worms – “older but …”)

Futher adventures at C&B Towers have seen Chris give a hedge a drastic pruning (it was over 10 foot high, it’s now 5) and then have to phone Barbara today to ride to the rescue with the Tank to help take the debris away to the Recycling Centre – a large bucket or two (or even 4 now I’ve stacked them – Chris) of logs for the fires will be her reward.

pruned hedge

But look what greeted us on our return – and it wasn’t even raining …

flooded road

… this (and worse) is what happens to Chris’s road every time it rains … but today it didn’t rain so where did the water come from? Somewhere those drains have to be blocked – the water wasn’t even going down. A swift visit to HQ and a coffee were called for and Barbara consoled herself with a little retail therapy.

Barbara's retail therapy

Barbara will be wearing her Chairman’s hat again on Thursday at the Staffs Patchworkers meeting and there’s quite a bit of preparation to be done for that (or so she says).  Not quite sure what this is all about, but apparently it’s the start of a secret project for a future Staffs Patchworkers meeting –


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