Busy week

Lots of changes and activity on the executive level of C&B Towers this week.

Chris has taken delivery of a new whizzy computer that does pretty much everything except wash the proverbial dishes, so she has spent several days with the “Do Not Disturb” notice on her office door hunched over a keyboard.  But when everything is transferred over and fully operational she will have impressively speedy technology at her fingertips and  the C&B website updated and lots more besides –  online patterns in particular.

Barbara has had quite the reverse experience in her office – two days with no landline and no internet.  Arrgh!  Quite daunting, but good for working on class samples and worksheets

It’s only a couple of weeks, or so it seems, to our “In a Pickle” class at Tittensor, so there is a pressing need to get the remaining samples finished off – there are a couple of places left if you would like to join us.  Check online at www.chrisandbarbara.co.uk  and click on our EQ Doodles page to see some of the virtual quilts we have made.

Barbara has also been trying to clear off some surfaces in her office/sewing room so that there is room to set out the various teaching books and samples that need to be organised for the next few weeks.  Loud music sometimes helps this process –

and, of course, clearing up is very tiring so there has to be a selection of light reading at the ready –

And the week isn’t finished yet!  Have a great weekend – remember we have come to the end of the current series of Saturday Sewing Specials, so you may have extra stitching time ….


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