They’re all stars!

Last night’s Sampler Quilt class was awash with stars –

Everyone has sufficient blocks made now to start thinking about how they will go together, fabric choices for the next blocks

and homework for next week is Log Cabin – or Courthouse Steps, or Cabin with Geese, or woven Log Cabin.  As well as the demo on Log Cabin and Courthouse Steps, we spent a few moments looking at Barbara’s fussy-cut sample for English Paper Piecing

We had all drooled over the fussy cut hexagons shown on Dragonfly Gypsy blog ( and we suspect that several of us may be at the start of an ongoing obsession (not another one! – Chris). 

Today we’ll be back to the usual caffeine and chocolate in readiness for the Reversible Runners class on Saturday .

Free Pattern

The next block in our sew-along sampler is on our website. We’ve chosen Clays Choice as our next block and you can see some sample quilts on our flickr page – they’ve probably appeared on the sidebar here too – and some more will appear on the EQ doodles page soon.  If you visit Maggi’s blog you can see what great things she’s doing with our Sewalong Sampler blocks and a batch of her own hand-dyed fabric.

Clays Choice block

Free Pattern

Another block in our Sew-Along Sampler has been posted on our website, This time its Old Maid’s Puzzle – lots of half-square triangles for you to play with. We sometimes wonder whether anyone out there is making any sampler blocks, or quilts from the patterns. Or are you just saving them for a rainy day? Which is what we find ourselves doing with all sorts of patterns, designs and other interesting things we come across, but somehow the promised ‘rainy day’ never arrives. Months later (years, even!) one or other of us finds a folder (that organised?! – Chris) when tidying and remembers, vaguely, meaning to make it when the right fabric was found, or ‘after these classes have finished’ and yet, here it is, still unused. Hey ho. Did you hear the old saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions? We have however been making virtual quilts on Electric Quilt using the blocks from the Sew-Along. Here are a couple of Old Maid’s Puzzles – you will find some others on our EQ Doodles page.

Old  Maid's Puzzle quilt

Old Maid's Puzzle quilt

We’d love to see photos of any blocks or quilts you’ve made from these patterns. A sampler quilt with these blocks in does exist somewhere in Barbara’s quilt cupboard, when she finds it we’ll post a photo!

Found – totally fabulous hexagons – a must-see

Following on from the vintage fabrics and hexagons we came across some completely luscious hexagon pieces on this blog

you’ll need to look for the February 1st post and scroll down the page but it really will be well worth it! 

First night of the new Sampler Quilt class went really well and we were so wrapped up in what was going on that we quite forgot to take pictures – must rectify that next week!  Everyone seemed to have a good time and the homework we’ve set is to make one block chosen from the 4patch patterns we’ve given them.  Here are our class samples as a reminder –


Sampler class starts today

We’re both doing that well-known teaching activity – filling boxes and packing  cars!  It’s the first class of our Sampler Quilt series tonight and it will probably take what feels like hours to get everything assembled and ready to go.  The venue at Stone Station is great, with a very helpful caretaker who will set out tables and chairs for us, and the parking is easy and level.  But there’s so much stuff!  The sewing machines, the display boards, the demonstration things, the handouts, the books and magazines to browse, the fabric basket, the big refreshments bag, the irons and ironing boards – by the time all this has been collected and packed into the cars, unpacked and set out, packed up and back to the car, then out of the car and back indoors we feel like we’ve done an intensive workout at the gym! 

Here are a few more of Chris’s Sampler blocks that will be on the demonstration table tonight –

More triangles

Chris’s post about triangles had an unexpected effect on the piles of stuff awaiting attention on Barbara’s worktable.  Here’s a potentially very large ufo that was begun at least two years ago and could be finished up with just one day’s focussed effort  (especially if they were given a darn good pressing first, having spent a long time stuffed into a tote bag ) ….. 

 … lots and lots of half square triangles made from an assortment of reproduction blue prints and already joined into long strips ready to be turned into a Tree Everlasting strippy quilt top.  This was one of those “make zillions of units with no plan and see what happens” projects when the rotary cutter first sliced into the fabrics, and, having been rediscovered (!) it is now sitting on top of all the other projects on the worktable and it may get made into a top very soon.  ( and, once more, pigs might fly!  Chris)

Our Sampler Class starts next week – where did the time go?!  Here are a few of Chris’s blocks  – don’t you just love the bold stripe?

Free Pattern

Just a quickie to let you know I’ve updated the website and put a new Free Pattern there. Everyone seems to be getting very excited about the evening class sampler quilt we’ve been planning so we thought we would share the patterns for some of the blocks we have used in previous sampler classes. First up is the Carrie Nation Quilt block.

We’ve given instructions for making the block at both 8 inch and 12 inch plus lots of ideas for colouring the block and putting several together to  make a quilt using just that block. A couple of ideas are on our flickr page, as you may have noticed from the sidebar, and we hope to update the EQ Doodles page soon to show you some more. In the meantime here’s  what the block looks like in grey scale (in one colouring) and an example of a quilt.  You can of course just make one or two blocks and wait for us to put up instructions for further 4-patch blocks so you can make a Sew-Along-Sampler with us. We may even manage to find the original 4-patch  sampler quilt and take a photo of it.