Sampler class – last evening

When good things come to an end, or at least a temporary halt, its a very mixed feeling – lots of happy memories, lots of achievement but no more evening classes now until September.  We’re getting withdrawal symptoms already!  Not too much time to sit around though – next week we’re off to Uttoxeter to deliver quilts and set up our demo. space for Quilts in the Garden and we’ll be travelling back and forth each day until the end of the show on Sunday. 

So in just eight weeks what have our intrepid students done?  Each week they have had four blocks to choose from, how-to sheets for each block, supporting demos from one or both of us and lots of discussion and friendships (are you going to mention the chocolate biscuits? -Chris).  Because we have good floor space at The Station we spent quite a lot of time grovelling around on our knees looking at layouts for blocks – starting with Chris’s blocks here’s a selection of “student work” –

And this is probably our favourite shot from the whole eight weeks – Jane demonstrates how she will fly or float her way through putting her blocks together –

Well done  ladies – you all deserve a gold star, and we’ll see you in class in September.  Thanks also to Elizabeth for taking the pictures we’ve used in this post.   Barbara’s off to London to the V&A quilt exhibit and Chris is unpacking her class stuff and repacking for Uttoxeter, with a family Easter gathering in between.  Happy Easter to all!

After class

Sometimes our plans seem to veer a little off course.   Last week Barbara managed to totally forget to show how to stitch Dresden Plates to a background,  because (she says) everyone got so excited over Chris’s demo of Dresden Plate and fussy-cutting Kaleidoplates.  So this week she backtracked and covered the basic applique stitch but that left less time for us to demo machine quilting, walking foot and free motion, and a little bit of hand quilting.  And all this meant that we didn’t get time to take another look at everyone’s blocks and play around with settings.  S0 – next week, our final week for this course, is going to be action packed with sashings, settings, borders and bindings!!

Margery has been working REALLY hard behind the scenes and we were all humbled    jealous   delighted to see her terrific quilt top –

We’re off to Quilter’s Trading Post in Whitchurch today to collect Chris’s quilt for Trentham/Uttoxeter/Quilts in the Garden, which means we will have a coffee and cake opportunity as well as retail therapy – what could be better?

Sampler quilt class

A wonderfully warm Sampler Class – our favourite caretaker had made sure the heating was blazing away so we all finished the evening in a very warm glow!  Lots of lovely homework  from the curved seam demonstration last week and now everyone has a satisfying pile of blocks to begin thinking about putting together.  We spent some time laying out blocks on the floor and standing back and making admiring noises, experimenting with setting straight and/or on point and into strips.  Next week we’re going to be looking at the basics of machine and hand quilting, with some quilt-as-you-go pointers and demonstration thrown in for good measure.



The block for this week is Dresden Plate so Chris (back on her feet after the Dreaded Flu) demonstrated a whole world of Dresden Plate – curved tips, pointy tips, straight tips, fussy cutting for motifs,  fussy cutting for stripes – so we are keen to see what homework comes into class next week!    

And here’s a little something that one of our ladies has been quietly stitching –

If Barbara gets down to work and concentrates, we’ll have more pics on our Flickr site very soon – and the EQdoodle is due to be updated also ….. back to coffee and chocolate!