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next class please

Time to start pulling things together for our next Saturday class which is – on Saturday. We’re going to be exploring different ways of framing a block. Samples are made, worksheets done, just the essential things left to gather up – ironing boards, tea, coffee, biscuits….. Saturday’s class is the first of a fairly hectic sequence in Barbara’s calendar – the list includes Denver, South Wales and Scotland before the end of June. There have been a few mutterings about “absentee” and “never here” from a certain overloaded office in C & B Towers…..

While all this is going on here are a few random pics taken at Quilts UK last week, starting with one of our close-to-home traders Emma from Quilters Trading Post –










and finishing with the show view above that few see – this aisle is jammed with quilters and visitors from 10am onwards.
Back to preparations!

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Holding the fort

Well, life at C&B Enterprises is never predictable – or dull! Chris had done a wonderful solo turn while Barbara was quilt-hauling in the US last week, only to find that a nasty heavy cold took charge of her almost minutes before Barbara landed back in the UK. We did some urgent re-shuffling so that Barbara could take over the solo bit while the patient stuffed herself with mega strength cold remedies. The first evening class was probably not our finest two hours but everyone was very forgiving of Chris’s absence and Barbara’s jetlag – no pics from this session but we’ll try to do better on all fronts next week. Barbara managed another impromptu solo turn to cover Chris’s Sampler class at Pollyanna Patchwork today – and remembered to point the camera bit of her favourite iPod gadget at some of the work being done, and at least one of the students. .. a Grand Time was had by all, and the good news is that Chris is beginning to feel just a little bit better!







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Grow your own quilt

Well, we’ve survived the first workshop of the year – and we think the students did too, aided by copious cups of tea and coffee, not to mention chocolate biscuits and cake.

This month’s class was another ‘Grow your Own’ – a medallion-style quilt where you start with a centre and add borders until you run out of time/patience/fabric/whatever. But this time we were cruel and started with a couple of borders so everyone could (would?) have a go at Seminole technique to make a zigzag border and a diamond border. Plenty of practice using those ‘funny lines’ on the rulers.

After lunch Barbara moved on to the centre block – a Carolina Lily in a pot. At 20 inches square on point it was a reasonable size for having a first go at Y (or set-in) seams on the machine. We’d thought everyone would opt for one or other of the simple (-ish) centres we’d given as alternatives but most decided to try the Lily. Barbara’s sample-in-bits did look very splendid.

It all took time and Barbara was busy washing up cups and Chris forgot her camera (again!) so no further photos of Lily blocks, or even units, although many were stitched. We did see the start of a splendid simple centre quilt from Val –

And we all admired Jane’s Christmas present from her husband and boys –

– which she soon put to good use (though how she could bear to chop into it …??)

Finally, as everyone realised the day had disappeared and it was time to pack up, we managed to get most of the class together with some of their hard work and looking happy.

Our next class is a Bag day on Feb 11th and the Needs list is on the website. In the meantime we need to get ourselves organised for the start of Evening Classes in Stone on Jan 25th. We can still squeeze a couple more in if you’re interested; we’ll be looking at blocks with a ‘Thirties’-feel. (Another excuse for Barbara to buy repro-fabric – Chris)

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Distracted again

Chris is still recovering – and sends thanks for all your good wishes – and Barbara is supposed to be making sure everything is ready for Wednesday’s class and also the Flying Geese class on Saturday.   However, there is always an opportunity for distraction and displacement activity.  Which explains why we now have pictures of Maggi’s lovely wrapfolios (we still haven’t fought over who has which one!) to share with you as well as some closeups of a little piece of patchwork that was given to Barbara last year. 

Wrapfolios first – we loved these when Maggi first showed them on her blog ( and left her a comment saying we’d like to be included on her list of potential recipients (actually we grovelled rather more than that – Chris).  What a lovely surprise when she arrived at the Reversible Runners class with these in her bag for us –

We’re hoping that we will have some other pieces of Maggi’s work to show (and possibly sell) at our Open Day on 5th June so put the date in your diaries now!

Second, the little piece of patchwork – at first sight it’s pretty nondescript in the usual vintage hexagon sort of way.  But, like so many other pieces, there’s lots to enjoy close up.  Fabrics are 1860s onwards and many of the small patches have been pieced from two or three scraps of fabric

At some point the whole piece has been chopped up and rejoined, not terribly sympathetically –

 – the size suggests that it may have served most recently as a crib cover.  So far removed from those fussycut hexagons we’ve been looking at, but charming all the same.