Doodle alert

Someone has stolen March.  If you should find a whole month lying neglected in a corner somewhere, please pack it up and return to C&B Towers.  We have both managed to keep our Instagram feeds ticking over with a few pics of classroom and sewing room activities – despite all the hoohah over changes to Instagram which has led to great flurries of social media activity and apps such as Ello.

We have new EQ Doodles for April – pop over and scroll through this month’s offering.  You may even spot the (almost deliberate) mistake – probably no prizes, but comment below if you find it..

Chris has been fully occupied with classes at The Corner Patch and re-laying paving stones.  Barbara has been continuing with the sewing room clearout and a lot of class preparation and finishing a few WIPs.

We are trying to secure a date for a C&B reunion class later this year at Tittensor Village Hall and we’ll let you know as soon as we get a confirmation.






next class please

Time to start pulling things together for our next Saturday class which is – on Saturday. We’re going to be exploring different ways of framing a block. Samples are made, worksheets done, just the essential things left to gather up – ironing boards, tea, coffee, biscuits….. Saturday’s class is the first of a fairly hectic sequence in Barbara’s calendar – the list includes Denver, South Wales and Scotland before the end of June. There have been a few mutterings about “absentee” and “never here” from a certain overloaded office in C & B Towers…..

While all this is going on here are a few random pics taken at Quilts UK last week, starting with one of our close-to-home traders Emma from Quilters Trading Post –










and finishing with the show view above that few see – this aisle is jammed with quilters and visitors from 10am onwards.
Back to preparations!