Tile Tuesday

From garden tiles (somehow posted twice!) back to Mr Minton’s wonderful tiles – Chris was inspired to draft this bold strippy-style quilt from a local domestic floor.

The strong russet colour of the original tiles is not always easy to match exactly in fabric but there are plenty of “near-enough” options out there – this is what EQ came up with asked to turn the colours into fabrics

But you don’t have to stick with the original tile colours – go pastel or go bold . . . and while you’re at it you could change the design around a little!

You can find the pattern to buy in our Payhip shop.

The original floor photo also inspired the Lichfield quilt which can you read about on our Meadowside blog.

Tile Tuesday

Tile Tuesday

Following on from last week’s post featuring Minton tiles here’s another Minton tiled floor in it’s original domestic setting.  This one was spotted in Lichfield, Staffs – with some difficulty as it was hiding in an estate agent’s window there. Not terribly exciting in this picture and not terribly visible either.

But from this image (and a trusty notebook/pencil combination, followed by EQ7) Chris was able to draft a pattern and produce a quilt which we think is rather handsome.  Barbara is currently resisting the urge to cut up fabric and dive right in to this project – and, as we know, resistance is sometimes futile!

The pattern for this Lichfield quilt can be found over in our Meadowside Designs shop.

No surprise then that we now have a goodly collection of tiled floor images sourced from house sale particulars!

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Flashback Friday

Flashback this week to our very popular Mystery class based on a local tiled porch floor – we have been asked so often for the pattern that it is now available over at our sister site Meadowside Designs.

finished quilt afinished mysteryIMG_4124Sue and Mairie compare mystery quilts

Or you can head direct to the pattern page on our Payhip site – the pattern is available for £4 with full colour step-by-step diagrams and a photo of the original doorstep we took the pattern from.