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Scrappy Sunday doodles

Hopefully by now technology has been playing nicely (for a change) and the January Doodles are up on our doodles page. We thought we would introduce a new element to our Scrappy Sunday posts by adding in a scrappy version of the monthly doodle.

This month’s doodle is based on eight-pointed stars and the two blocks turned into a quilt might look like this –

jan blues a

But if we change those controlled blues to lots of blues and put them into a quilt then we could get something like this

Jan doodle blues a

Not very different but (possibly) more interesting.

Or we could go mad and use up lots of scraps from our scrap sacks and we might end up with something like this.

jan doodle multi b

A bit riotous? But using the same background fabric tames them a bit. Or you can try the third way . . . a more controlled palette than the multi-coloured one but add a little more colour into the blues.

jan blue and pink

You can download a doodle to colour here. And if you fancy making the quilt – or just a couple of 12 inch blocks – then you can download the templates for the Le Moyne Star here and the Four Stars block here.

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They’re all stars!

Last night’s Sampler Quilt class was awash with stars –

Everyone has sufficient blocks made now to start thinking about how they will go together, fabric choices for the next blocks

and homework for next week is Log Cabin – or Courthouse Steps, or Cabin with Geese, or woven Log Cabin.  As well as the demo on Log Cabin and Courthouse Steps, we spent a few moments looking at Barbara’s fussy-cut sample for English Paper Piecing

We had all drooled over the fussy cut hexagons shown on Dragonfly Gypsy blog ( and we suspect that several of us may be at the start of an ongoing obsession (not another one! – Chris). 

Today we’ll be back to the usual caffeine and chocolate in readiness for the Reversible Runners class on Saturday .

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Sampler blocks

A great day out at Nantwich, lots of familiar faces, lots of goods at good prices and not forgetting the bacon sandwiches!  Again, Chris had to talk for both of us as Barbara’s voice is still unpredictable and mostly absent.  Being voiceless does have its advantages though – Barbara managed to finish stitching up the Drunkard’s Path sampler block even if she did forget the original placement of the units so that it looks VERY random and unplanned!

And here’s the basic LeMoyne Star block, also finished at the weekend –

Maggi is going to do wonderful things with felt and the circles bag pattern from Saturday’s class – we’re keeping a careful watch on her blog to see all the lovely things she’s making and planning – – and we’d better get on and finish up our class samples into something usable.

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Sampler Quilt blocks

We’re both moving along with the blocks for the Sampler Quilt class.  Having decided to re-visit 12inch blocks ( a size neither of us has worked with a lot since the mid-80s) we’re finding that the blocks are not as huge or “clunky” as we remembered them.  This probably has something to do with the fact that, these days, we have much wider fabric choices available rather than the old adages of “one print, one plain and one background ” or “one light, one medium and one dark” .  We also have MUCH bigger stashes to work from!  So, within a 12inch block , we are now comfortable with using more than 3 fabrics  and the overall result is visually more interesting – or so we like to think!  Here are two more of Barbara’s blocks so you can see what we mean – the Log Cabin block has 13 different fabrics, the first LeMoyne Star variation has 4 and the second variation, all triangles, has 7.

Now it’s time to go and choose fabrics for the next blocks, which will probably include a couple more of those ever-versatile Log Cabins – Chris has found a really interesting  variation which may show up here when she’s had chance to put it together.