Reunion day

We’re reporting in on our quest to find a date for a Reunion Day for our Saturday classes.  We found 2 Saturdays when the gaps in our respective diaries coincided but were very sad to discover that the village hall – scene of so much quilting mayhem – was not available for either date.  Much scurrying round to other potential venues, none of which quite matched up for various reasons  Grand Outcome is that we have decided to shelve Reunion plans for this year and try to book in a 2017 date now.  We reasoned that the hall itself had a big part to play in a Reunion Day – everyone knows where it is and we know how to set it up – and felt that it was really important that we should be back at Tittensor for such a special event.  So we now await confirmation of a date for next year and promise to let you know just as soon as we have that in hand.  Who knew it would be such a difficult task?!




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Workshop Reminder

The first workshop of the new term is nearly upon us – next Saturday, September 12th. Please don’t forget if you have booked a place! The Needs list is here and you will be making something that could look a bit like this –


In case you are wondering what to do with yourselves when we stop our workshops at Tittensor at the end of the year – there is a Block of the Month starting on our sister blog Meadowside Designs this week. The first post with a picture of the quilt and a link to the requirements list is here.

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“Cover it up”class

You might think we have been just sitting around drinking coffee and surveying the world from the Executive Suite at C&B Towers, but in fact we’ve both been mega-busy behind the scenes with all manner of exciting things like Instagram and Pinterest, having (yet more) sheds demolished, fires installed –



– compiling lists of Must Do items for our 2015 class programme, samples and preparation for classes at The Corner Patch, Castle Court Quilter ….. well, you get the idea.  You can keep an eye on us individually via Instagram and Pinterest – Barbara has promised to keep her Guitars board to a manageable size!  and Chris is gearing up to add some Meadowside Design boards to her collection so there will be another place to browse the growing number of patterns available.

Messing about Working with Instagram has been great fun and Barbara has even learned to put multiple pictures together – something she has been meaning to do for quite some time.  This clever stuff means that we can make some things look more interesting, like this ufo selection –


We know it’s not a new or difficult thing, but we like the results!

Chris has been well occupied keeping on top of bookings for our 2015 classes which are already more than half full for the entire year.  Remember, 2015 is the last year we will be teaching our Saturday classes at Tittensor, so if you always meant to give us a try there’s not much time left!

Our last class for this year at Tittensor is “Cover It Up” on Saturday 22 November – we can squeeze a couple more folks in, and the requirements list is on our website.  We’re going to look at lots of different covers – for iPads, tablets, Kindles, iPhones, phones, laptops, books, cushions – and exciting technical stuff to add the wow factor to the covers by way of pockets, quilting, inserts, flaps, tabs, possibly going as far as zips, buttons, loops and binding. Who could resist?!  Here’s a very small sampling of  basic and unadorned cover up sleeves –


This seemed like a good class to finish this year, plenty of time to make lots of these and get them wrapped in readiness for the festive season (we were dismayed to have a report from Chris’s globetrotting daughter that already Christmas music can be heard throughout Heathrow airport – or are we just feeling a little “bah! humbug” ?).  Having started the samples above with a cheery range of lights and yellows, Barbara thought it would be a good idea to continue with a sunny theme and is currently stacking up cheerful clamshells


and arranging them in rows to make a rectangular piece of fabric which may then get turned into another cover up. Here they are thrown down on the table being carefully arranged-


Time to stoke up the (new) fire at the Rural Office and begin the next shift in the IT Suite at C&B Towers – happy stitching!


Cover it up

Now that we have successfully peeled Oranges our focus moves on to (among other things) our next class at Tittensor – Saturday 22 November – when we will be devising and constructing useful sleeves and covers for all sorts of things.  So far Barbara has got a few samples put together and is starting to write the worksheet and Chris has put the requirements list up on the website.  And a few more fabric rations have been acquired in case they might be needed –



IMG_2633 (2)

Chris has also been very busy again with the Meadowside Designs side of things – lots of traffic via Craftsy as well as the blog and website The Meadowside Block of the Month is extremely popular and you can join in at any time. Don’t forget there’s a Meadowside Mystery on the Meadowside blog too!  As well as a couple of seasonal free patterns if you wanted to add spiders and pumpkins to your decor –

pumpkin and spider



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Peeled Oranges

We had a great day on Saturday with our Orange Peel class – full tables, rapt attention and a fine mist of spray starch hanging over the proceedings!  Everyone had come fully prepared for both machine and hand stitching and we were really quite surprised when, almost at the same moment, all the machines were put away amid declarations of “I really like hand sewing”……….   After the demo everyone tried out different strategies for preparing the Orange Peel shape and we’re happy to report that no fingers were burned as starching and pressing got under way.  We’re looking forward to seeing a few finished pieces at the next class in November!



Our sample corner above, and a start below –




4 patch peels –










Thinner peels based on a circle –









Our demo piece above and a very striking version below –