Saturday Sewing Special # 6 – Turnstile

For our last Saturday Sewing Special in this series we’ve chosen Turnstile – a block with lots of space and movement.  Try it in a mix of bright colours and strong contrasts after downloading a printable set of instructions here.

You might want to take a quick look at our EQ Doodles page where we have some extra ideas for our first Saturday Sewing Special block – Clay’s Choice.

Happy stitching!

Saturday Sewing Special # 5 – Next Door Neighbour

Here’s the fifth of our Saturday Sewing Special blocks – Next Door Neighbour.  This is a classic, traditional block that always looks good, whether you make it in a mix of fabrics or closely- co-ordinated colours.  You can download a printable set of basic instructions for a 12inch version of this block here.

Lots of possibilities when you combine different colourings of this block, add sashings, turn blocks on point –

Saturday Sewing Special # 4 – Kings Crown

A regal touch to our Saturday Sewing Special this week – wonder if it’s the after-effects of all those Jubilee celebrations in June?  Kings Crown is the name of the block and you can download a printable set of instructions here.

What if you combine Kings Crown blocks with Hovering Hawks?….


Saturday Sewing Special # 3 – Hovering Hawks

The third week of our Saturday Sewing Special – wonder if anyone has made any of the first two blocks yet?  But then again, this is a deadline-free area (just as well because Chris lost touch with the week and thought today was Friday, so apologies for the late arrival)  and we’re just cutting and piecing because we can.  This time we’re featuring one of our favourite block titles – Hovering Hawks.  Half square triangles are the main component of this block, and you can download a printable set of instructions here.  You could use a variety of scraps to make your version or you could try it in just one fabric and one background, it looks good either way.

This block has lots of possibilities for settings as it is directional –

Saturday Sewing Special #2 – 4patch Girls Favourite

For our second Saturday Sewing Special block may we introduce a great block with an unwieldy title – 4patch Girls Favourite.  Again, like Clay’s Choice last week, it’s a straightforward 4 patch block but this time you will have plenty of practice with quarter square triangles.  Click here to download a set of printable instructions for a twelve inch block.

Simple sashing and cornerstones look good when setting these blocks into a quilt

and this is a block that looks good turned on point

Saturday Sewing Special #1 – Clay’s Choice

So, if you’re ready here’s our first Saturday Sewing Special.  We’re starting with Clay’s Choice.  This is one of our all-time favourite blocks – very straightforward piecing, only two shapes to measure and cut plus lots of possibilities for interesting fabric/colour placement.  Click here for a printable set of instructions to make a 12 inch block together with suggestions for several different quilt layouts.

  • Clay’s Choice is a simple four-patch block – that is, it is made up from four (or in this case 16) smaller units.


  • It is best made to finish at a size that is a multiple of 4 – i.e. 8inches or 12inches etc.
  • You will need a minimum of three fabrics including a background.

You’ll find lots of greyscale quilt layouts included with the printable instructions – here (courtesy of that magical EQ7 quilt design program)  are just 3 very simple quilt layouts featuring this block


Some stitching for the summer

Back in the dim but not-so-distant winter months we thought it would be a good idea to run some sort of  Block A Week “feature” – just for the heck of it.  Never got around to doing anything more about it, too much planning and procrastinating on other things. But some ideas don’t just disappear – so you will be able to find our first block here on Saturday 21st July. Each week we will have basic outline instructions for one block to download and print and possibly a little Electric Quilt colour to show a couple of simple quilt settings of that block.  No pressure, no deadlines, no detailed step by step pics, just some easy cutting and stitching – you could make as many or as few blocks as you want to, and do with them whatever you like (within reason).  You could even send us pictures. We’ll be running this for six weeks only so be sure not to miss it.  We even have a title – Saturday Sewing Special – !!  Mark the date, Saturday 21 July,  in your diary …  when we hope that the outlook from C&B Towers will be a considerable  improvement on today’s view (yes folks, this is the British summer in all its glory).

Technical note: The ghostly camera reflection probably wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been so dark inside that all the lights were on at 2pm!