Not-so-Lone Star

Everything was ready for our Lone Star class – full list of students, worksheets printed, samples done, and it was all going so well until we arrived at the hall – only to find that the caretaker had completely forgotten we had booked so locked door and a sense of rising panic.  Phonecalls, then door opened to reveal that, instead of a completely empty space, all the tables and chairs had been set out in readiness for the evening community dance event.  And the kitchen set out ready to serve tea and coffee to 70 people with cups and saucers in neat rows from one end of the countertop to the other.  Jackets off, sleeves rolled up and we set to and changed everything around in just under 15 minutes so that we could then set everything out according to our usual plan.   Not our preferred start to a class!

Once everyone had arrived and settled into their spaces we started the serious business of constructing Lone Star diamonds from strips, using the 45degree line on a ruler.  A deep and thoughtful silence accompanied Chris’s demo of putting the strips together, cutting apart into slices and joining slices back into diamonds.  Coffee, tea and biscuits were quickly served to fuel all the fabric choices required before construction began and promises of cake were made to encourage and lift the spirits….  But actually, it was fine and everyone had a good time and made diamonds for Lone Stars and we’re looking forward to seeing some new quilt tops, maybe even at our next class “Braid Strips” on June 16th.  (Chris wants to remind everyone that we can now take bookings online at our website

So, lots of random pictures to show you what was going on – enjoy!

By the time this arrived

and we’d admired Maggi’s Mystery Monday One quilt and Val’s cushion from the Hawaiian Applique class

there were lots of Lone Stars around


Well done everyone!  A most successful day after all.  Tomorrow Chris has an urgent appointment with some restful (?!) gardening and Barbara is packing ready for Quilts UK …

Mystery Monday 7 Step 13

And here we are – the final week where you get to arrange the blocks according to our Grand Plan. Download the printable version here.

First, find your blocks – you should have 4 of Block 1, 4 of Block 2 and 1 of Block 3.

Arrange your blocks with Block 3 at the centre. Barbara is arranging hers like this –

But because you have the same number of Blocks 1 and 2 you could change things around.  Which would look like this –

Once you have decided on an arrangement, simply (!?) stitch your blocks together. Add a border or two and then just layer, quilt and bind, not forgetting the all-important label of course.  It’ll be ready for Christmas!

And that’s all (for this year) folks! Have a good Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year with lots of stitching time. Mystery Monday will return – eventually, and possibly in a different format, but we’re going to take a holiday for a few months. When we started it was just going to be one mystery quilt for the summer holidays, but somehow … …

Mystery Monday 7 – Step Twelve

By now we are getting very close to the end of this Mystery Project – download the printable instructions here.

This week we are making the final block, Block 3

You will need to find:-

4 Unit 2 from Step 7 at the corners

4 Flying Geese 2 from Step 5 north south east and west

1 D square from Step 1 at the centre

Assemble and join the units into strips then into the block.

Label as Block 3 and put with Blocks 1 and 2 in that safe place ready for next week.

With apologies for the poor quality of the photo and block pic but Chris is doing this week’s post and has failed to find the original jpegs so this one is copied and pasted from the pdf. Tomorrow, of course, the jpegs will emerge from their hiding place chortling happily.

(p.s. this post may or may not be posted correctly – its publication has been entrusted to Chris’s daughter, Rebecca, who is monopolising the computer into the small hours of the morning desperately trying to finish her work before 9am Monday morning, and desperately trying not to get distracted by the likes of I suspect that being given the responsibility of blog-posting is also punishment for having ‘come home to visit my mother for the weekend’ and in fact pitching up late on Saturday evening, disappearing for most of Sunday and only reappearing to sleep in her spare bed, eat her food, and incarcerate myself in her study in order to complete the weekend’s work. I have promised to be a better daughter in future…)

Mystery Monday 7 – Step Eleven

If you can bear the excitement this week we continue making up blocks from all that labelled stuff you kept safe.  Download this week’s instructions here.

Block 2 looks like this

and is made as follows

2 Unit 4 from Step 9 at the top corners

2 Unit 3 from Step 8 at the bottom corners

4 Flying Geese 3 units from Step 5 north, south, east and west

1 C square from Step 1 at the centre

As before, lay out the units and assemble into strips.  Press and trim then join the strips to make the block. Follow the diagram above carefully.

Make a total of 4 Block 2, press and trim.

Label as Block 2 and put back in the safe place.

Mystery Monday 7 – Step Ten

And so the weeks roll on – you’ll be relieved to know there are no more units of any kind!  Download the printable instructions here.   Please note: Barbara has added a second picture to this post which is not included in the printable format (don’t ask, its just one of those division of labour things, and its Barbara’s problem fault).

This week we start to assemble units so you will need to retrieve all that labelled stuff that has gathered in your safe place over the past few weeks.

We’ll begin with Block 1

This block is composed of the following units

3 Unit 1 from Step 6 – 3 corners

1 Unit 2 from Step 7 – 1 corner

4 Unit 1 Flying Geese from Step 5  – north, south, east and west

1 square C from Step 1 at the centre

Join the units into strips of 3, press and trim, then join the strips together into the block, following the diagram carefully.  In the same way make 3 more blocks to give a total of 4 Block 1.  Press and trim.

Label as Block 1 and put in the proverbial safe place.

Mystery Monday 7 – Step Nine

The final set of Jewel Box units this week – download a printable version here.

You will need Fabrics A, B2 and B1

From Fabric B2 cut 8 squares 2 ½”

From Fabric B1 cut 8 squares 2 7/8” , crosscut once to give 16 triangles

From Fabric A cut 4 squares 4 7/8”, crosscut once to give 8 triangles

Piece into Jewel Box units

B2 squares join up with B1 triangles, press and trim

RS together pair and join these units with the A triangles

Press and trim.

Mystery Monday 7 – Step Eight

Would you believe more Jewel Box units?  But we’re making real progress now  – you can download the printable version here

You will need Fabrics A, B2 and D this week.

From Fabric B2 cut 8 squares 2 ½”

From Fabric D cut 8 squares 2 7/8” , crosscut once to give 16 triangles

From Fabric A cut 4 squares 4 7/8”, crosscut once to give 8 triangles

By now you will know what to do and how to do it –

Join the B2 squares and D triangles into units as before, press and trim

RS together pair and join the newly-pieced units with the A triangles

Press and trim everything and label Unit 3, then remove to a safe place.