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One chunk of the mighty C&B Empire that is expanding rapidly is Meadowside Designs – yes, we know it doesn’t sound like it might be related but that might even be a good thing!  Chris has spent hours and hours, possibly even days (felt more like months actually – Chris) writing patterns, doing diagrams, checking measurements, uploading patterns and updating the Meadowside Craftsy site too.  There are now 20+ patterns available as instant download pdfs on the Meadowside website, and 20+ patterns similarly available at Craftsy. Not all of them are Chris’s (or even Barbara’s) as some have come from our good friend Ann Jermey.


this little piggy 1Christmas runner style


Just started on the blog is a Mystery Quilt for Christmas – so if you’ve missed our Mystery Mondays you can try the one (on Mondays) over at Meadowside.

Plus there’s a free Block of the Month program posted on the blog. It started in July but there’s still time to catch up if you wanted to collect them all.

autumn star sampler

And, as if that weren’t enough, on previous Mondays (and will be once more after the Mystery Quilt finishes) there have been free patterns to download from the blog for a variety of simple blocks.

Lots more patterns are lined up for the weeks ahead – follow the Meadowside blog to keep in touch with what’s new as it becomes available.  Chris has just disappeared into the IT Suite to finish another pattern …


Not very Mysterious quilt Step One

We’ve reached the first step of sewing it all together.  The instructions for Mystery Quilt Step 1 can be downloaded by clicking on the link.

You will need your A and D Quarter-Square Triangles for this step which involves stitching them in pairs to form Half-Square Triangles.

If you fancy joining in this not very mysterious Mystery Quilt it’s not too late. The Requirements can be found here and the grand Cutting Plan here.

Instructions will be posted each week – there are nine steps in total – to make a quilt top measuring about 52 inches square (depending on borders, sashing etc). The blocks are 8 inches square and there will be 16 of them.

Here’s a picture of Barbara’s blocks –


Mystery Cutting plan

A bit later than planned, Part Two of our not very mysterious Mystery Quilt is the Grand Cutting instructions. Find the fabric from the last time and cut (most of) it up as per this Plan. You might want to put in carefully labelled bags to keep it all safe for Part One. How to sew it back together again follows soon. . . (hopefully we will remember). . .  !


Not very Mysterious Requirements list

So, as a first step to our Not such a Mystery quilt here are the Mystery requirements. The cutting instructions will follow next week and then several steps to put it all together.




There’s a huge amount of activity at C&B Towers and the Rural Office this week, watch this space for further info.





Not really a mystery

It’s a long time since we hosted our very popular Mystery Mondays on the blog and we do get requests from time to time to offer some more. As a result of several meetings at the highest level of C&B Towers we’ve decided to post the steps for the quilt top that featured in our most recent Mystery day

And, yes, we do realise that it’s no longer a Mystery to do it this way, but we have also had a lot of interest in the pattern so this seemed to be almost the best of both worlds. So look out for the requirements list to make this terrific top – it should show up here very soon.

Not-so-Lone Star

Everything was ready for our Lone Star class – full list of students, worksheets printed, samples done, and it was all going so well until we arrived at the hall – only to find that the caretaker had completely forgotten we had booked so locked door and a sense of rising panic.  Phonecalls, then door opened to reveal that, instead of a completely empty space, all the tables and chairs had been set out in readiness for the evening community dance event.  And the kitchen set out ready to serve tea and coffee to 70 people with cups and saucers in neat rows from one end of the countertop to the other.  Jackets off, sleeves rolled up and we set to and changed everything around in just under 15 minutes so that we could then set everything out according to our usual plan.   Not our preferred start to a class!

Once everyone had arrived and settled into their spaces we started the serious business of constructing Lone Star diamonds from strips, using the 45degree line on a ruler.  A deep and thoughtful silence accompanied Chris’s demo of putting the strips together, cutting apart into slices and joining slices back into diamonds.  Coffee, tea and biscuits were quickly served to fuel all the fabric choices required before construction began and promises of cake were made to encourage and lift the spirits….  But actually, it was fine and everyone had a good time and made diamonds for Lone Stars and we’re looking forward to seeing some new quilt tops, maybe even at our next class “Braid Strips” on June 16th.  (Chris wants to remind everyone that we can now take bookings online at our website

So, lots of random pictures to show you what was going on – enjoy!

By the time this arrived

and we’d admired Maggi’s Mystery Monday One quilt and Val’s cushion from the Hawaiian Applique class

there were lots of Lone Stars around


Well done everyone!  A most successful day after all.  Tomorrow Chris has an urgent appointment with some restful (?!) gardening and Barbara is packing ready for Quilts UK …

Mystery Monday 7 Step 13

And here we are – the final week where you get to arrange the blocks according to our Grand Plan. Download the printable version here.

First, find your blocks – you should have 4 of Block 1, 4 of Block 2 and 1 of Block 3.

Arrange your blocks with Block 3 at the centre. Barbara is arranging hers like this –

But because you have the same number of Blocks 1 and 2 you could change things around.  Which would look like this –

Once you have decided on an arrangement, simply (!?) stitch your blocks together. Add a border or two and then just layer, quilt and bind, not forgetting the all-important label of course.  It’ll be ready for Christmas!

And that’s all (for this year) folks! Have a good Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year with lots of stitching time. Mystery Monday will return – eventually, and possibly in a different format, but we’re going to take a holiday for a few months. When we started it was just going to be one mystery quilt for the summer holidays, but somehow … …