Tile Tuesday

Tile Tuesday

Following on from last week’s post featuring Minton tiles here’s another Minton tiled floor in it’s original domestic setting.  This one was spotted in Lichfield, Staffs – with some difficulty as it was hiding in an estate agent’s window there. Not terribly exciting in this picture and not terribly visible either.

But from this image (and a trusty notebook/pencil combination, followed by EQ7) Chris was able to draft a pattern and produce a quilt which we think is rather handsome.  Barbara is currently resisting the urge to cut up fabric and dive right in to this project – and, as we know, resistance is sometimes futile!

The pattern for this Lichfield quilt can be found over in our Meadowside Designs shop.

No surprise then that we now have a goodly collection of tiled floor images sourced from house sale particulars!


2 thoughts on “Tile Tuesday”

  1. If you ever get the chance, take a look at the tiled floors in Rose Hill House hotel in Burnley. They really are lovely.

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