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Scrappy Sunday

It’s the final Scrappy Sunday post of 2020 – and (we have decided) our final Scrappy Sunday post. Something new will be appearing in the New Year – but possibly not on Sundays!

And as its that time of year, and today was supposed to be about strips, here’s a Log Cabin festive quilt.

No, its not scrappy but yours could be.

So – we hope you have a happy Christmas (as best as we all can in the circumstances). Stay safe and let us hope for a better 2021.


3 thoughts on “Scrappy Sunday”

  1. This is lovely! Have I got time to make a small one for Christmas I wonder?!!
    I have loved your regular Sunday posts. Have a good Christmas and keep well!

    1. Thanks, Judy! I enjoyed making both of my trees and they were quite quick – working out the size of background bits took time though – but you could be very early for next Christmas! It looks as if we may all have a little more time on our hands this season than we perhaps anticipated, so maybe a few projects to keep us occupied would be no bad thing. We’ll ‘see’ you next year with some more ideas – and more too on our Meadowside Designs blog. Chris

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