Scrappy Sunday

Scrappy Sunday

At the Overseas Office more scrap sorting and folding has taken place and it has now been determined that there are sufficient scraps stowed away to make several quilt tops, many bags, hundreds of cushions (possible exaggeration there?)  and no new fabric is needed.  Of course, as we all know, there is a difference between “need” and “want” ….  But, for now, Barbara is still finding plenty of scrappy project inspiration from the freshly-organised scraps – you may remember these from an earlier post –

Sorting scraps has led on to sorting the basket stuffed with project bags.  This simple little 4patch piece was put together probably four years ago (not that anyone is counting).  Time to get this out of its bag and quilted then rummage back in the scraps for a binding.  Lots more quilting to be added but it’s looking good so far –

Somehow simple always seems to work really well when pulling together a wide variety of scraps.  Scroll back to see some of our earlier scrappy posts on squares and –

happy stitching!


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