Scrappy Sunday, scraps

Scrappy Sunday – stars again!


A few more bags of small scraps have surfaced at the Overseas Office –

– so there may be more sorting, smoothing and re-packing to come.

We started Scrappy Sunday posts almost a year ago and, during this time, we feel we have barely scratched the surface of “Scrappy”.  Barbara has come to realise that almost everything she has made over the past decade has had a scrappy starting point.  And it certainly is the case that sorting and sifting scraps can often lead to a new scrappy project – look lower left in the picture above.  It’s another hexagon/diamond star – EPP this time – which just might be the first of many. 

No plan at this stage for the many, yet to be made, star blocks.  Maybe a variation on the setting of some earlier scrappy star blocks which are a little smaller scale.  The diamonds in this piece measure 1 1/4inches along the side, the newer diamonds are 1 1/2 inches along the side.

Scrap sorting beckons – happy scrappy stitching!


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