Scrappy Sunday

Chris’s post on squares gave us both pause for creative thought in these challenging days.  Barbara was unpacking class “stuff” this week and picked up a bag of assorted jelly roll strips and decided to cut some  2 1/2inch squares before sorting the strips and putting them away.  No  Grand Plan, just making a stack of 2 1/2inch squares. A dig into one of the stash crates produced a few more strips for squares without any serious loss of fabric – one or two strips from three or four half yard pieces is barely noticeable. And now the plan is shaping up – it’s not Grand, but it is do-able and will fit in well with these changed circumstances.

Make 4 patch units – mixed colours, prints, 2 dark squares, 2 lighter squares. Be as random as you dare!

If you like setting goals for yourself you could think about stitching 1 unit a day as a minimum.  We’re thinking ongoing stitching here which will fit into daily life rather than marathon sewing sessions.  Barbara will be adding these to her other hand sewing projects, you could make your 4patches by hand or by machine (but don’t mix the two processes!!).

Make more 4patch units.

Keep all units together in a Safe Place or a Satisfying Stack

Cut more 2 1/2inch squares.

Make more 4patch units.

At the end of April set out all the units made so far, take a picture and let’s review our production.

Classes at The Corner Patch may be suspended for the time being but we can still buy online – supporting your Local Quilt Shop is vitally important.  There’s a particularly yummy range of black prints that Barbara has her eye on……. and then there’s the threads, notions and all sorts of things that might be needed.  We’re off to do a little web browsing – and make 4patch units!

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