Scrappy Sunday – hexagons

The humble hexagon is perfectly suited to scrap patchwork – it’s an easy shape to work with whether hand piecing or English Paper Piecing (EPP) and it offers countless possibilities for arrangement.  There are many resources for instruction and information on hexagon patchwork online and in print – put “hexagons” in a Pinterest, YouTube or Google search as a starter and in recent print we would recommend “All Points Patchwork” by Diane Gilleland and “English Paper Piecing” by Florence Knapp (aka Flossie Teacakes).

Here are some details from one or two of the vintage hexagon pieces that have found us over the years – first careful joining to create a specific effect, careful joining to make sufficient fabric to complete the hexagon shape and thirdly not quite so careful joining of two different hexagon pieces together to make something larger –


For our first Scrappy Sunday featuring hexagons we are going to take a quick look at just a few of the different arrangements in small, manageable units.  Start small and build up to using many small units to make something of size.  If you catch the hexie bug (and many people do) we recommend investing in a pad of isometric graph paper for planning larger scale all-over designs.


One of the most familiar hexagon arrangements is a rosette – six hexagons surrounding a seventh, central hexagon.  We think the easiest way to piece the rosette is to make a strip of 2 hexagons, a strip of 3 hexagons and a strip of 2 hexagons and then work 2 zigzag seams.



We rather like a “wave” arrangement –

Six hexagons make a triangular unit which has some possibilities –


4 hexagons can be joined together to form a lozenge shape which will tessellate as an all over pattern

or, add a hexagon to opposite sides of a rosette –

We wanted to include a piece that Chris made quite a few years ago – how good does this look?  Bright scraps, strongly contrasting fabric and stitching -great result.


So much to say and show on the topic of hexagons, but we’ll call a halt here and revisit the humble hexagon a little further along in our Scrappy Sundays series.  Happy stitching!



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