Mystery quilt?

Chris’s classes at The Corner Patch come to an end this week until September and Barbara won’t be teaching until the Autumn either, so some of you may be feeling a bit bereft and short of something to sew over the summer.

Of course, there is the Retreat on June 22nd to look forward to (contact Jane for details of any last minute places), but it only lasts a weekend.

But, as ever, C&B have the answer! Over on our sister blog Meadowside Designs a new Mystery Quilt is starting this Sunday (June 17th). You can read a little more about it on the blog now.

2 thoughts on “Mystery quilt?

  1. Hello
    I saw the mystery. It is apparently finished. But I have not found a photo of the finished part. Is there any photos of it anywhere? I would be very interested to see what came out of it.


    • Hi Guilitta
      I didn’t put any photos of the finished quilt because part of the mystery was how you put the pieces together. Everyone’s quilt will look different depending on their colour choices and then their choice of block arrangement. I thought I would wait for a few weeks to let everyone get their quilts made and then I might show a few examples of how the finished quilt could look. I have seen one almost finished quilt and it is very different from the way I put mine together.

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