rotary cutting

Rotary cutting Part 7

Having done the 60 degree triangles and diamonds last time we probably ought to look at 45 degree diamonds – these are the ones used in 8-pointed and Lone Stars.

eight pointed starLone StarAs for the 60 degree diamonds – first cut a strip the width of the diamond plus 1/2 inch for seam allowance. Then trim the ends of the strip to 45 degrees using the 45 degree line on the ruler. Keep the strip folded in two as you will need half your diamonds cut left to right and half right to left – keeping the strip folded cuts these two at the same time without you having to worry about it. If using two colours for your diamonds. open the strips out and place them right (or wrong) sides together and then cut.

trim to 45 degsend trimmedNow line the 45 degree line up along one long edge, measure the same width as the strip along to cut the diamond. These are 2 + 1/2 inch diamonds.

measure diamondand cut the first diamond

cut diamondJust as before, slide the ruler along to cut more diamonds.

continueYou will need 8 (obviously) for an 8-pointed star – as you are cutting two at a time you only need to cut four pairs. Each cut pair makes a unit –

use for Lone StarAnd that’s it. Next time we’ll look at cutting the triangles you need for the unit often known as Peaky and Spike.







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