Half square triangles

We are busy with all sorts of essential behind the scenes activities – clearing and archiving picture files, tidying up and reducing email files, and generally making sure that our computers are models of tidiness and organisation (ha! – Barbara).  Accounts and bills to file, fabric to sort and put away – we think you get the picture.  Seems we do Summer Cleaning rather than Spring Cleaning!

Barbara was working her way through the picture file we keep for this blog and came across the block pics below.  The quilt itself (really too large to get a decent shot)  was made several years ago but we’ve always meant to get around to “doing something” with it.  Maybe next year will be the time! (Or earlier, if we find ourselves in the mood to write instructions) Just variations on a theme of Half Square Triangles – let us know if you think they would be interesting….






1 thought on “Half square triangles”

  1. Hi Barbara!!! I was just looking over my quilting books and came across your The Essential Quilter! It reminded me of the many times we had a great time teaching and traveling in the same places! Then there was the time you stayed with us in Minnesota, we were in the beautiful north country by the lake! I trust this finds you well.
    Sharon Hultgren

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