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15th birthday surprise – class report

Full house again yesterday for a class we had imaginatively titled “15th Birthday surprise“.  (It’s 15 years since we organised our first double act Saturday class at a nearby village hall)  As you can guess from the title, we had planned it as a mystery project and the requirements list was not the easiest we have ever written – dark fabric, medium fabric, light fabric, second medium fabric and probably medium medium fabric too!  But everyone had deciphered and decoded the list and arrived with terrific fabric choices and ready to follow the instructions.  Quick introductions and the usual safety and emergency reminders and  then heads were bowed over machines and cutting boards in deep concentration.  Some muttering about “slavedrivers” “how many triangles” “not more triangles” and “how far am I behind” was heard but we just ignored it!  And by the end of the day, everyone declared they had had a lovely time and what a great project and they were going home to finish it.  So, by our standards, that’s a result!  Here are some glimpses of the action from our roving camera –

























Now we have to quickly put our things ready to set up at the Uttoxeter quilt show – more packing and unpacking of cars!  This year our space will be upstairs in the main building and Barbara will be teaching a handpiecing class each morning – if you’re visiting the show do drop by and say hello.


1 thought on “15th birthday surprise – class report”

  1. Some lovely colour combinations. Had to book for one more class as I couldn’t see you bowing out without saying farewell to Tittensor. See you at Uttoxeter.

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