Free pattern for Christmas

Just in case you’re sitting there wondering what to do with yourself in the next couple of days (ha!) we thought we’d offer you a free Xmas pudding pattern to play with. This is very quick, very easy and ideal to give to the younger quilters/crafters in the family as well. All you need is some felt, a little bit of wadding and some thread; and maybe a red bead or two.


Chris first made these a good many years ago with Young Quilters at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate where they proved a great hit not only as tree decorations but also as festive ear-rings!  So much more subtle than a Christmas sweater don’t you think?

At C&B Towers, hub of our global empire, there is a constant hum of activity as Christmas preparations gather momentum – lots of downloads of other Christmassy patterns from Meadowside Designs and also Craftsy.  Christmas quilts and wallhangings bedeck the halls and there are “To Do in 2015” lists strung up all around the IT suite.  Over at the Rural Office some seasonal decorating is in evidence despite the usual “Bah humbug” mutterings of just wanting everyone to go away and be left to get on with proper sewing.  There have also been rumours (so far unverified) that a European office will be operational next year.  Will we find time to stop and have a Christmas break?


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