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Cover It Up – class report

An exceptionally (and unexpectedly) toasty start to our class on Saturday – someone had forgotten to turn the heating off overnight at the Village Hall so we had the benefit of a good build up of warm air, a real bonus!  Our demo table started off  piled high with possibilities and suggestions for various cover ups – for laptops, phones, tablets, cushions and much more.


At one point we found ourselves discussing tea cosies – never thought that would happen!!  Instead of the usual worksheet/instructions we handed out several pages of tips and techniques and pointers and encouraged everyone to make their own individual cover up project – and so they did.  Mug sleeves (aka mug hugs, we are informed) iPad sleeves, cushion covers, ring binder covers, multi-pocketed carrying bags, the variety of projects was considerable and the fun plentiful.  Not forgetting the cake!





















And another quiet reminder if you are considering joining us for any of our classes next year – there really are very few places left, February’s class is already sold out with a waiting list.  Zip over to our website where you will find the full listing and a booking form.

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