“Cover it up”class

You might think we have been just sitting around drinking coffee and surveying the world from the Executive Suite at C&B Towers, but in fact we’ve both been mega-busy behind the scenes with all manner of exciting things like Instagram and Pinterest, having (yet more) sheds demolished, fires installed –



– compiling lists of Must Do items for our 2015 class programme, samples and preparation for classes at The Corner Patch, Castle Court Quilter ….. well, you get the idea.  You can keep an eye on us individually via Instagram and Pinterest – Barbara has promised to keep her Guitars board to a manageable size!  and Chris is gearing up to add some Meadowside Design boards to her collection so there will be another place to browse the growing number of patterns available.

Messing about Working with Instagram has been great fun and Barbara has even learned to put multiple pictures together – something she has been meaning to do for quite some time.  This clever stuff means that we can make some things look more interesting, like this ufo selection –


We know it’s not a new or difficult thing, but we like the results!

Chris has been well occupied keeping on top of bookings for our 2015 classes which are already more than half full for the entire year.  Remember, 2015 is the last year we will be teaching our Saturday classes at Tittensor, so if you always meant to give us a try there’s not much time left!

Our last class for this year at Tittensor is “Cover It Up” on Saturday 22 November – we can squeeze a couple more folks in, and the requirements list is on our website.  We’re going to look at lots of different covers – for iPads, tablets, Kindles, iPhones, phones, laptops, books, cushions – and exciting technical stuff to add the wow factor to the covers by way of pockets, quilting, inserts, flaps, tabs, possibly going as far as zips, buttons, loops and binding. Who could resist?!  Here’s a very small sampling of  basic and unadorned cover up sleeves –


This seemed like a good class to finish this year, plenty of time to make lots of these and get them wrapped in readiness for the festive season (we were dismayed to have a report from Chris’s globetrotting daughter that already Christmas music can be heard throughout Heathrow airport – or are we just feeling a little “bah! humbug” ?).  Having started the samples above with a cheery range of lights and yellows, Barbara thought it would be a good idea to continue with a sunny theme and is currently stacking up cheerful clamshells


and arranging them in rows to make a rectangular piece of fabric which may then get turned into another cover up. Here they are thrown down on the table being carefully arranged-


Time to stoke up the (new) fire at the Rural Office and begin the next shift in the IT Suite at C&B Towers – happy stitching!


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    • Oops, forgot to put in a direct link! We can be found on both Pinterest and Instagram as our individual selves @chrisfranses and @barbarachainey. We really should get around to setting up a Chris&Barbara presence on both – and maybe we will!

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