Quilt Show at Bradley

The Quilt and Craft Show at Bradley Church is on this weekend. Chris and Barbara (among others) will be there demonstrating and trying not to buy too many goodies from the traders. Not to mention Jane’s fabulous food and cakes on sale all day.

Bradley is not too difficult to find – and Kate and helpers have done a grand job of signposting the main road. This show only happens every other year and is held in aid of various charities including The Childrens Society. Do come along if you can. The quilts are in the church which is a lovely building with some really old tombstones in the churchyard

Bradley Church

The quilts were being hung this morning and local quilters have done Kate proud. There’s lots to look at and even several to win in the raffle.

Bradley quilts

quilts in Bradley church

Traders and demonstrators will be in the Church Hall on the other side of the road.

Of course, having said we will both be there . . .  we will, just not at the same time, having both managed to double-book ourselves. Fortunately not for the same day and not all weekend.



2 thoughts on “Quilt Show at Bradley

  1. I really like this show and am sorry to have to miss it this year but am dog walking on Saturday and on refreshment duty at the Ark Open Day on Sunday. Hope it goes as well as in previous years.

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