September? – already?

It’s time to get the gears of C&B Towers and the Rural Office moving – enough of the caffeine-laden meetings at HQ with notebooks and pens.  We are putting the final touches to our 2015 brochure and it will make its debut at the Make It Your Own class in a couple of weeks time after which it will be available on our (new) website.  If you want to join in the fun that is on the menu for the Make It Your Own class there is still time to book a place online on the (new) website – did we mention Chris has spent HOURS on a new website for us?  You don’t need to be “good enough” at cutting and stitching to enjoy and benefit from this class. Chris will be demonstrating simple strategies and possibilities which anyone can use to easily make their own completely individual piece, not to be seen in any magazine, blog or YouTube video.  Chris took the pic below of a couple of class samples she put together –

MiYO quiltsFull instructions for these and one other little quilt will be available on the day!

Barbara is having great fun putting samples and worksheets together for the Orange Peel class in October – the requirements list and booking form for this class is available on (you’ve guessed!) the website!



We’re still working on our new Pinterest and Instagram accounts – Chris has already tried to gently break it to Barbara that maybe folks won’t be expecting one of her boards to feature glossy black or funky guitars………. Perhaps the summer break has turned her brain? Anyway, we’d love to see you over at Pinterest or Instagram or both and we may even have some “follow” buttons up on the sidebar shortly to make things easier.


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