Social media …

We’ve contemplated the so-called wonders of Facebook for more than a couple of years now and, it’s fair to say, not been too keen on diving in.  Well, we kind of dipped a toe in but didn’t quite get the set up right. But a number of recent “stiffening” talks from various friends about getting involved in social media has had the desired effect – now we each have a Pinterest and Instagram account.  It may have taken a lot of muttering and grumbling and many heavy sighs (and Chris finally succumbing to the 21st century and getting a smart phone), but we have them!  Eventually we will get around to putting link buttons on the sidebar here but in the meantime, if you’re ahead of us in this respect (and you probably are) please pop over to see us in either place and maybe hit a “like” or “follow” button to encourage us on our way.

You’ll find Barbara at barbarachainey and Chris at chrisfranses – excitingly original huh? 

Chris has also been very busy with Meadowside Designs – a new website , a Block of the Month and new patterns on the blog as well as keeping up with the Meadowside Craftsy page.  C&B Towers has seldom witnessed so much activity in the IT Suite, the coffee machine has had a hard time keeping pace!


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