Progress and procrastination

A little more progress has been made on samples for next term’s classes. Barbara is still surrounded by Orange Peel but, having looked at various ideas and pondered . . . but supposing? . . . or . . . what if ?  . . .,  has gone back to the idea she first thought of. Fabric has been cut, possibly even the odd stitch has been made.

Chris meanwhile has been playing with using Electric Quilt to design the projects for September. Too many ideas, so little time! But fabric has been purchased – an emergency visit to the Corner Patch was required when it was realised that an entire cupboard full of fabric failed to contain exactly the right amount of exactly the right fabric. Again.

But there is now sufficient fabric of (more or less) the right colour to back the little quilt that will perhaps become Project One (but I keep having second thoughts . . . – Chris) and hopefully more than sufficient fabric to construct the larger quilt that Project Three is threatening to be. The workshop project will be for a small wall hanging but somehow . . . more blocks keep asking to be made. If you think your workshop projects might ‘grow’, as this one seems to be doing, you might like to consider bringing half-metres or extra fat quarters with you on the day rather than the four we usually suggest. Yes, we know most of you bring best part of your stash ‘just in case . .’ anyway.

miyo prj

But what about Project Two? We have a Cunning Plan. With luck Project Two already exists (possibly in ‘kit form’) as there are a few bits and pieces in Chris’s UFO/WIP/PHD bags that could perhaps be upcycled. The joys of Make it your Own!

In fact rummaging in those bags produced these blocks –

miyo block d

– remember doing this class? A sort of Make it Your Own – Rail Fence windmills with curves. It was destined to be a ‘going to University’ quilt for Chris’s nephew. Then she remembered she still hadn’t started her daughter’s, and she was about to embark on her Masters by that time. And now nephew has graduated too. And still neither of them has a quilt. Worryingly there are now several more nieces and nephews at similar stages – also without quilts. Probably easier not to start any and keep the half-started ones as ‘class samples’. For ‘Make it your Own’??! They’ll never know. Unless they read this . . .


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