More planning

Further high-level meetings over mugs of coffee at HQ have been held. Chris’s daughter threw a spanner in the works by coming back from the USA with a suitcase full of magazines (she’s been well trained) some of which had different Orange Peel designs in, so Chris passed them on (the least I could do – Chris). All Barbara’s careful planning for October suddenly went out the window. Chris meanwhile has been pondering and doodling things for the September class – Make it Your Own – which we had thought would feature the various units that go to make up blocks and then students could go and make units and turn them into new blocks. But . . .  perhaps we could combine it with the freestyle piecing that was so popular last year, or the ‘stick it and stitch it ‘ freestyle applique from several years ago, or . . .  ? Maybe we should have called it ‘Anything Goes’? We blame those magazines, they were just too full of ideas. One thing is for certain – it will feature ‘block design’ and there will be at least one project to follow and make for those who don’t feel confident enough to go entirely their own way. As a bit of a taster here’s a picture of a quilt Chris was putting together at Nantwich a couple of years ago – and no, it still isn’t quilted!

miyo quilt c

The block was one of Chris’s EQ doodles

eq doodle block

And a block from one of Barbara’s vintage quilts showing a bit of ‘freestyle’ applique.

vinatge quilt applique

Soon there will be a decision made as to just what exactly we will do, but there will be an element of ‘anything goes’ in September; and there will be a project.

The 2015 programme is slowly coming together, much doodling and mugs of coffee and emails and with luck by September there will be a programme – and maybe even a brochure. Chris has starting burbling about a new C&B website (another one?!) for 2015 and may need to go and lie down in darkened room until the fever has passed.


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