Forward Planning

We’re half way through 2014 and our next class is not until September. Time to plan 2015. We’ve booked the Village Hall in Tittensor for seven Saturdays and the dates are on the website. All (!?) we have to do now is decide on the workshop topics. Many high level meetings and discussions are due to be held at HQ over large mugs of coffee in the coming weeks. As usual we’ll probably manage to think up all sorts of quirky titles but then fail to match a suitable technique. There’s also the thorny problem (of our own making it has to be said) of – do we repeat techniques or try to dream up new things each month, each year? We’re inclined to think that repeating things is ‘wrong’ but last Saturday’s class said they quite liked repeats. Oh. Ah. Um. Right. But which ones should we repeat?

Meanwhile we still have the autumn classes to prepare for. Barbara is surrounded by Orange Peel while Chris is scribbling furiously ‘designing her own’. Perhaps a few words about the September class will put some minds at rest – it is not necessarily a ‘design’ class. There will be an opportunity for those who enjoy design to play with paper and pencil and mirrors but for those who are terrified by the thought there will be plenty of ideas and a couple of projects to just sit and make. Chris has always delighted in taking a basic block and then adding or subtracting a few lines to make a new block, and this is one of the things we will look at. Here’s a quilt that may (or not!) feature in September – its the Ohio Star block with additions in the corners.

miyo quilt b

The great thing about designing or drawing or adapting your own blocks is that you can make them as simple or as complicated as you wish. A few more ideas may show up here over the summer.


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