Mysteries and Quilts UK!

All is frenetic activity at the C&B Rural Office – Barbara is packing and sorting and filing ready for the Quilts UK! Show at Malvern which starts on Thursday; boxes and bags are taking over. In addition to all this she is trying to put together the worksheet for our next class – The Mystery Quilt – while Chris says helpful things like “have you double checked the measurements?” and “I’m not sure I’ve added the right diagrams to that section”. Rest assured it will all come together by a week on Saturday! The Needs List is up on the website and all of you who have booked a place should by now have received the grand Cutting Plan, either via email or snail mail. Do let us know if yours hasn’t arrived.

After much nagging prompting discussion the Needs List for the June class – Reverse Applique – is now available on the website. Hopefully one of us will remember what the Great Idea was before too long and find the design, pattern or picture that we had in mind when we wrote the brochure.

So what is Chris up to while Barbara is so busy?  Not a lot is probably the answer, but what she ought to be doing is sorting out websites: both the C&B one (never quite satisfied with them once they’re done somehow – Chris) and the Meadowside Designs one which needs rebuilding from scratch. On the plus side Chris has finally remembered that there is a Meadowside blog and has put a post up with a link to some of the original patterns and a link to one of our free patterns. But before all that there’s a class or two to prepare for at Eccleshall where the beginner machine quilters have nearly finished their wallhangings.

machine quilting

Don’t forget to say ‘hello’ to Barbara if you are going to Malvern.


One thought on “Mysteries and Quilts UK!

  1. Have a grand time at Malvern, I remember the time in 2008 I think it was———— was it really that long ago?

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