Rain stops play?

Much to Barbara’s relief the weather has returned to normal (ie cold and rainy!) and Chris has been driven indoors and back to the sewing room.  We have a workshop to teach on Saturday – Log Cabin – and Chris is ‘her in charge’ for the day.  Little preparation has so far been forthcoming and Barbara was beginning to panic; but a lot of ivy and rotted sheds have now been removed and ground dug and prepared ready for … ? a new shed perhaps? (or even a Log Cabin?? Barbara).  Which means that Chris can now turn her attention to cutting up fabric and putting it back together again.

So – what will we be doing in the Log Cabin workshop this Saturday? Well, we can offer some clues –  it’s not this –

courthouse steps finsihed quiltor this –

log cabin staror this –

LC tree

or even this –

lc 002

But we promise it will be fun.  And just a little bit different.  And Chris has now made a start on the samples and step-by-steps using these fabrics –

log cabin fabric

– 6 shades of grey plus bright white and a sea green / blue as contrasts.  The worksheet is ‘under development’ as they say and Electric Quilt drawings have been played with.  Chris is getting quite excited now about making stuff instead of digging the garden up.  Just as well really !


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