Away from the desk

Too busy to post!  Chris has been diligently digging in her garden, removing decades years of ivy and crumbling sheds too numerous to mention.  A noble undertaking, and it will all look wonderful in due course, but it has been relentless effort.  (Chris wishes to point out that the neglect and crumbling are in no way her fault, taking on a new garden comes with it’s own trials and tribulations).  Barbara decided not to even start on the gardening concept and instead took off on her teaching travels – in the past couple of weeks she has seen spring in Oxfordshire



and is currently swanning around  in the Isle of Man talking about The Tentmakers of Cairo and teaching Hand Quilting




Barbara’s “always take some sewing” policy has really paid off on this trip across the Irish Sea – delays of various kinds on the outward journey meant that there was plenty of time to  make some progress with one of her ongoing projects



The Antique Rose Star block, of which the above is just a portion, is the focus for Barbara’s next evening session at The Corner Patch in April.  The session will be fully kitted and places are strictly limited – book now to avoid disappointment as they say – there has been an exceptional amount of interest in this block, which is very simple to stitch.

So, more digging in the parkland surrounding C&B Towers and perhaps a walk here for our Head of Rural Office –


 – we’ll be back soon!


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