Quilt Wrestling

No, not a new Olympic sport – merely the gentle (?) art of trying to get a large quilt layered up and under a domestic sewing machine in a relatively confined space. Chris seems to have been doing a lot of it lately as part of a drive to get a few UFOs out of the way and off the list. So, having created a backing and pressed it, it is necessary to create a large enough space to lay it out flat. . .

First – move the furniture . .

move furniture

next – move the books . . .

move books

Lay the backing out and pin it to the carpet.

pin to carpet

Spray glue onto the wadding and stick it to the backing – trying not to get glue on the carpet!

quilt layer

Glue the wadding again and stick the quilt top down, smoothing out as many wrinkles as possible.

quilt layer b

Carefully pick up the quilt sandwich and lug it upstairs to the sewing room. (note the technical terminology – Barbara) Don’t forget to remove the pins from the carpet first. The quilt layers now need to be pinned as the quilt is too big for just glue to hold it together. The sewing room floor is hard with a vinyl covering – ideal for pinning, unlike the sitting room floor where it is just too easy to pin the whole thing to the carpet and picking it up involves a lot of unpinning, repinning and bad language. But the sewing room floor is also too small to spread a big quilt out . .

sewing room floor

. . so it has to be glued together downstairs and can then be safely pinned in sections upstairs.

fold and pin

fold and pin b

The small brown cushion thing is a garden kneeler, a Christmas present from little sister who was somewhat bemused by Chris’s delight with this small gift and even more bemused when she announced it would ‘go upstairs straight away’. Isn’t the garden outside? It was when last we looked?

Once pinned the quilt was tossed over the bannister and the landing bookcase – with a couple of pillows under it keep it as crease free as possible. . .(is this a crucial step in the proceedings? Barbara)

over banister

. . .  all ready for when Chris next has a free day to fire up the machine and get stitching.


Must remember to get some thread too.

3 thoughts on “Quilt Wrestling

  1. Now I know why I never get as far as quilting any thing – i live in a bungalow. Brilliant idea if I ever buy a house loved it Jaffa Jen

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