Virtual quilts

Our favourite program Electric Quilt is being rather heavily used this week as we roll forward into planning Saturday classes and making a start on worksheets, needs lists and those ever-present samples.  While we can’t yet show you what we’re working on, we can give you a quick scrollthrough (is that a real word? Chris) of just a few of the virtual quilts we have created over the past two years.  You could even vote for your favourite …. (is there a prize? Chris)

autumn 12


December 2013 4

evening mix 2

four patch sampler 3

Harriet sampler 2

orange 4


spq December 13

august 8

Barbara is getting ready for her annual quilting retreat – the one that involves a fancy hotel with spa, yummy food, log fires and LOTS of stitching and computer time.  This means Chris will (yet again) be abandoned  left in charge of the good ship C&B (probably with a list of Stuff To Do as well – and if it keeps on raining a ship is what will be needed – Chris) for a few days.  Maybe there will be time to quilt and finish something to enter into the Uttoxeter quilt show (British Stitch Village) – the deadline for accepting quilts has been extended to 10th March……………. running out of excuses now . . .


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